Design Your Epica

by 30.11.11

Hi guys,

I've arrived home safe, after an 11-hour -flight back to Germany. I didn't have an entertainment center, unfortunately. I was afraid that it would be a really long, tedious flight. Then I started to talk to my neighbor and she turned out to be really lovely. We chatted for over 6 hours!

We've all had a great time in Latin America and received so many presents and cool artwork from you guys! Thanks for your creativity! Here is a piece which we all loved. Mark couldn't tell me who it was, so if you recognize your art, please let me know and you will be named.


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  1. That's awesome! If I could I would also draw/paint something for you! But unfortunately, I'm pincel and numbers behindert :P haha.
    Have a great week! (I want to see a photo of you in a Weinachtsmarkt!)

    (: was awsome see you for second time in this year (:
    cheers dear lady :) Miriam x)

  3. Really awesome!

  4. That's a brazilian piece of art. I saw it right before the acoustic show. Lia did an AMAZING job!

  5. Hello, Simone!

    The creator of this drawing is called 'Lia defended.' She created a design like yours and mine and last year I gave her hand in the meet & greet in Curitiba, Brazil. Perhaps you remember.

    Great job.

  6. hello simons
    the poems are saying that they give you two guys at the airport in Mexico City

  7. Yep, that's my artwork =)
    I gave it to Mark when we came up for pictures after the acoustic concert in Brazil, but it was all pretty rushed, couldn't get a name in, or talk to you guys, you and Coen just vanished there!
    But the concert was great, and I'm so glad you guys liked it!

    Here it is if anyone wants to see it better:

  8. Hi, I am one of the two fans here in Brazil that gave you that big letter saying "my wish is to sing with you", I don't know if you remember.. We forgot to tell you, there's a lot of things writen in the back, and we'd like you to read and answer us, would you please do it? If you have the letter yet..

    Love you and we miss you already.

    See ya next year. <3

  9. hi, the great picture, is really beautiful congratulation to the anonymous author

  10. go go lia!!!! good job!!! it's amazing!!!

  11. It's nice you had a lovely neighbor, neighbors are usualy annoying.
    LOL, I loved the drawing! :)

  12. Lia, you're so cool!Your art is very,very nice! Congratulations!!

    Epica is like "Amerika" : is 'wunderbar'!!!!! Come back always..You are invited!!:)

  13. Wow, really good job!
    Simone, look at this curious note. Is a page called "Learn something every day". I watched this picture and it reminded of you. You can check the rest of them, they are very clever and funny xD.

  14. so funny n///n

  15. I love so much it !!!
    Well done !