Behind the scenes

by 17.2.12

Hi Sweets,

Our latest record 'Requiem for the Indifferent' will be out really soon!

On the 9th of March it will hit the stores and if you are impatient and can't wait, our newest single 'Storm the Sorrow' is already available on iTunes. It is one of my absolute favorites from the album. We've just recorded the video in Amsterdam and it was the hardest recording ever. Every muscle in my body is aching right now, but that's alright because it was worth it.

We are planning a fun make up contest for the girls. More info on that in a few days.

I wanted to share three behind the scenes pictures with you from our official 'RFTI' photo shoot which we did with Stefan Heilemann. I've done many other photo shoots with him. One of my pictures which was made by Stefan can be purchased in his 2012 calendar.
Dress from
And 1 2 3 and 123...
Biggest hair brush ever!

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  1. first comment! : D. .. xD
    I liked the pictures, especially the giant comb jajajaj xD!

    kisses from Chile♥!! :D

  2. Anonymous18.2.12

    This year promises to Epicans! Can not wait to see the end result of Storm the Sorrow. And I had to laugh at the photos Smoon!

  3. It's kind of hard to see the details but the dress is stunning.

  4. Wow..I really like your dress and makeup too,I love the blue and all his shades!!At the third photo I'd add "the biggest-Epic hair brush ever" ahaha if you guys were put in a row you'd have combed all together for how it's big :D!!I can't wait to watch your video and to have your album in my hands!! greetings from Italy ;)
    with Love,

  5. Anonymous18.2.12

    Beautiful dress - it suits you well! And I love your eye makeup, too. I am excited to hear more about the makeup contest!! :)


  6. mmm my hair needs a brush like that lol these photos are beautiful and fun ( hahaha Mark face jiji ), Stefan Heilemann is one of my favorites, he makes magic (:
    "Storm the Sorrow" is a great song, your voice heard strong and beautiful, I'm dying to hear you sing all the new songs live .It will be like a musical orgasm. I am very excited for the new record ,the video will be brutal I am totally sure good luck sweet princess ^^

    I'll be waiting 4 the make up contest wiii

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I can't wait for the new CD.. also can't wait to see you with the guys in Chile performing the new songs... and neither can't wait for that contest, hehehehe =P

    Lots of xo's :)

  8. You look so cute in the third photo. *-* Love the pics and this fabulous dress.
    Ah, and I love Storm The Sorrow. Sounds a little diferent of the others albums... But in a good way. It's powerful! Can't wait for the album!
    About the makeup contest, seems that it will be so funny. :D
    I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong. I'm from Brazil and I don't speak english (I can understand but I don't know about the gramatic. Strange, huh?).
    I wish you all the best, sweet.

    Kisses from Brazil! :*


  9. Oh meu Deus! Simone tu é a mulher mais linda do universo!!! *-*

  10. You're so beautiful !

  11. Can't wait for the contest! :)))

  12. Haha nice pictures, I loved that giant hair brush.

    I'll stay tuned for the make up contest, I can't wait =D.

    Regards from México!

    P.S.: I have stuck in my head "Storm the Sorrow", I want that album!!!.

  13. Love that dress! Beautiful color:)

  14. Mark looks sexy :-P

  15. I'm really looking forward to the release of the new album and the video clip!
    LOL, I need that hair brush!
    In the photoshot it looked like your dress is black, I was surprised.

    Make up contest? count me in! :)

  16. Simone, could you please film a makeup tutorial for this look?
    It's gorgeous!

  17. omg! A Big Brush! I NEED one!!!

    Soon We can buy the new cd! it's so great!

  18. beautiful dress ! nice color!me encanta el azul jejee
    greetings from Chile ;D

  19. LOL. Die reuze haarborstel is geinig :-p

  20. That is a really big brush. You should get a really big cat to brush with it!

  21. As always your looking great Simone

  22. This video is just a mega fucking idea , I love your music I love the whole Epic! I greet warmly!

  23. Very very sorry for the ugly word, hard for me to go write.. Please forgive me!

  24. well with my hair i really need the big brush jaja