Stage Make Up

by 27.3.12

Hello Sweets,

A highly requested look has finally arrived on Smoon'Style.

This is one of my most used looks for Epica shows. It is easy and quick. You don't need many products and the products that I've used are easily dupable. You can already make this look with only few products and personalize it to your liking. 

Last Sunday I decided to shoot some pictures for the blog and was just in time to watch Tatort, feeling a bit weird because I felt like I had to go on stage. I had to do it in a very short time and I apologize because it is not that perfect. Normally when I prepare for an Epica show I like to take one hour to prepare for the show.

I never wear this much make up in real life, not even when I go out at night. This look is great for shows and photo shoots. For every day life I prefer softer looks.

The key products for this look are;
  • A creamy black base (MAC paint pot, Maybelline 24 hours tattoo, Nyx Jumbo Pencil, eye kohl)
  • A black, grey and a very pigmented silver eyeshadow or pigment
  • Your favorite nude lipstick
  • Your choice of contour powder and blush
  • Fake eyelashes are optional, I only use them for shoots and shows
  • Some silver/white glitter if you like
  • Concealer, foundation and eyebrow products should be the ones that you always use

The products that I used;
  • Dior Forever Foundation in 010 Ivory
  • MAC Harmony blush as a contour
  • MAC Style blush on the apples of the cheeks
  • MAC Blackground Paint Pot
  • Chanel Illusoin D'Ombre in 85 Mirifique (I've done stage looks with only this product)
  • Sleek Graphite palette for the black eyeshadow
  • MAC Copperplate eyeshadow to smoke out the edges
  • MAC Feline Kohl Power
  • Astor eyebrow pencil in Gold Blond
  • My Face Gigabite lipstick in 152 Vintage Pink
  • MAC Silver Dusk highlighting powder
  • MAC eyelashes in 35 (I've used them before and cut them a bit) Don't recommend these, I prefer 44 or 7.
Didn't add mascara to the lower lashes yet....
There we go, much better!
Excuse the red eye.
Unbrushed eyebrows...

a Smokey Smoon

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  1. Thats a lovely make up.
    I tried it sometimes in green, some days that i went out at night, and I loved it, because as is the same colour as the eyes, make the eyes bigger.

    Its lovely with your blue eyes, when i see the photo it makes me pay attention on them, and are awesome.

  2. Anonymous27.3.12

    This is the best makeup that you already made ​​a post. I like the pitch black in your eyes, brings out the blue one. I've tried to do a makeup like that, but in the end looked like a panda bear. This was the same makeup that you used in the Kamelot show in Argentina, no? :)

  3. I remember you on the MaYaN's show in Costa Rica and I totally loved the make up! Awsome to know now how to apply it!! :-) Thanks!

  4. I like it very much! And it seems easy to make :) I've worn one similar for one of my shows but I will try this one also!

  5. Anonymous27.3.12

    Finally!!!!:D I love it!!It would be great if you post more make up like would be awesome if you could do some video make up tutorials...but I understand that you're very busy...thank you for posting this...^^ sorry for my bad english

  6. Anonymous27.3.12

    Is superb Simone!! I can't wait for see this in Milan ^^

  7. : O I really like and it seems easy to put into practice *-*. Thanks for the beautiful photos Simone. you're very beautiful :). greetings and kisses from Argentina

  8. Simone, you could record a video showing step by step of your make ups.

  9. Amazing makeup! I adore this lipstick! I'm definetly going to buy one! Thanks a lot for this post!!

  10. could you give us your advice for how do you hide a button? please :)

  11. wow this is the make up I've always loved!
    but I love when you use a lot of glitter! Love the way your eyes shine :)
    please tell us how you do that, to make your eyes sparkly!

  12. Anonymous28.3.12

    Loving the drama of the smokey eye accompanied by a nude lip - well done!


  13. Lovely! I love this kind of make up ;) I wear this look every day. It's not normal, but in punk rock style, this look is very important ;)

  14. Your eyes look awesome but you have beautiful eyes color love blue eyes this make up looks so good wow

  15. This is awesome! loved it!

  16. I love your blog!!!

    A french fan!

  17. Dramatic!!!!!
    Is very angelic the style in your face... but at the same time your eyes look very dramatic
    I love the contrast

  18. You have such a beautiful eyes!


  19. Great look... damn, you're so pretty Simone!
    You have such an elegance... I really admire you. Your looks are great.

  20. hello you look beautifully greetings !

  21. Hello my sweetheart, you look wonderfully like an angel and how he he does not love you here! .Have a nice day kisses the wishes of tight! Love you .

  22. hahahaa unbrushed eyebrows! LOL didn't notice till i read that