Winners Epic Contest EU

by 14.4.12

Hello Sweets,

First of all a big thank you for all your amazing pictures! You are all really talented and I am happy that you wanted to share that with me.

Since I picked 5 winners, I had to ask Arie and Mark to help me out. We finally narrowed it down to three lovely ladies. You've all put a lot of effort in recreating the look.

Here are the winners:

Anais Fernandez from France

Oriana Cauli from Italy

Hanna Kraft from Germany

Congratulations girls! You will all three be invited to the shows or your choice; Paris, Milano and Munich. You are also welcome to bring a friend as well.

I'm looking forward to meet you and hand you your MAC goodie!

Well done!


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  1. Wow, that looks great!!. Congratulations to the winners =), they really deserve it =).

    I can't wait for the North/Latin American contest =D

    Regards from Mexico!!!

  2. The recreations are really great.
    The first one is my favourite.
    But the second one looks very much like your photoshoot!

  3. In my opinion the pictures shouldn't be modificated with photoshop.
    I mean, it's all about a good hand in your face not your computer but I guess now I know what I need to do to win the Latin American contest.

  4. Anonymous14.4.12

    I reeeaaaally love the first picture, it looks amazing!!! :-)

  5. As I see, there was much more photoshop with the other girls' pictures, but I'm anyway glad I won without inserting backgrounds and stuff :-)

    Ich freue mich dich kennenzulernen, Simone!

  6. Great job girls, congratulations!
    I really like Anais Fernandez photo :)

  7. wow. AWESOME pictures, specially Anais Fernandez.

  8. Waaa!! Thank U!! I'm so happy! Compliments to the other girls too!
    I don't have used so much photoshop as U think, the photo is made by my brother that is a photograper so a good make up, the right lights and a good photographer did much of the work!
    See U in Milan, Simone! = D

  9. Congratulations to all the winners! For the ones who also participate, I encourage you to publish your looks somewhere too, I think it would be nice to see them all! If you want to check mines, follow the link:

  10. Initially you say that you choosen 5 girls, we want to see the other two! :)
    Congratulations to all the winners! I like the first and second one.

  11. Whoever wants to have a look at my first try - please see here:

    And for the rest of the pictures for this round, see this blog entry:

    The other girls looks are so pretty in their whole, I myself concentrated on that one can really see what I did with my makeup... :)

    1. wonderful! So I understand from your blog that you have won for the look III, but then there are 2 winners for the look III, and no one for the look II ? What a pity....
      Anyway, I agree with MakeUPgrades, It could be possible to see the other two "semifinalists" ??

    2. yeah, we want to see the semifinalists!

  12. Congrats to the winners!!! :)

    I love the first one, so cool!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  13. wooow amazing pics!! love the first one <3
    congrats to the 3 winners!

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  15. Wow! The Anaïs Fernandez's photo is so wonderful, so well crafted!

    Please take a look at the photo and Makeup Tutorial from a friend of mine, Daniele (Daniele was inspired by the same photo that inspired Anaïs):
    I think it's really beautiful! I don't know if she'll join Epica Contest for Latin America, I hope so, and I'll be cheering for her! Worth checking out! ;)
    Kisses from Brazil, sweetie!

    p.s.: Simone, sorry if my English is difficult to understand, dear... I really wanted to show the Daniele's photo.