Stormed the Sorrow

by 3.5.12

Hi Sweets,

Our new video 'Storm the Sorrow' is finally online. You can find it here. It was created by Kunstoff and recorded in Amsterdam during the middle of February earlier this year. I've spend two days recording and the boys were finished in one day. It was the hardest, dirtiest and most fun recording I've ever done.

Storm the Sorrow; the Meaning of the Lyric

Storm the sorrow deals about all the negative criticism which everyone has to deal with in their life. Everybody has something to say about everyone and a lot of criticism comes from jealousy and envy. Besides being criticized by the public, you're also criticizing yourself. It is a struggle within and you alone can fight it.

Storm the Sorrow; The Video

The positive and negative are opposites, so are black and white. These are strong contrasts which work really well. I start off white and slowly more and more black streams are coming out of my body which are pulling me. The guys are depicting the negative and I am fighting against them. In the end, after being fully consumed by all the negativism, I transform back into a stronger version of myself, freed from all which was trying to take me down.
Picture and Clothing by Ingeborg Steenhorst.
The Recording

I arrived in Amsterdam the evening before the recording. There was a choreographer present to help me prepare for the shoot, which required a lot of physical work. They were absolutely right, I've only had one time in my life unbearable muscle ache, and that was when I moved house, but after the shoot I almost couldn't walk anymore because of the constant tension on the silicon bands.

The Suit

On the first day we recorded the scenes where I'm wearing the white body suit. There was no black slime to be seen just yet. The film company bought a white suit for me which was way too big and not flattering at all, so one of the seamstresses had to create a suit only hours before we started shooting.

There's no video shoot without the proper amount of stress and adrenaline hanging in the air. My hair and make up were done, all we had to wait for was the suit. Once the suit was done we could start to record.

Black Flubber

On the second day I knew that I was going to get dirty. The buckets of paint and silicon were waiting to be thrown on. We started with my hand which got a nice layer of black silicon. Around my wrist I got an elastic band which was attached to a silicon band. The team was pulling me and I was fighting back. As time went by, I got more bands coming out everywhere. Some were a bit short so the tension was really heavy. My ankle was not used to this and I almost couldn't walk the next day. When I crossed the street to go to the hotel, I almost fell flat on my face because my left foot refused to lift up.

One of the bands snapped and hit my backside really hard. I got beaten up pretty hard, lost lots of hair which were stuck between the bands and didn't sleep for two nights. Try go to to the bath room when you are stuck to 6 poles... You'll have to be resourceful.

A close up from the makeup done by Dominika Swietlik.
Red Bull Light fuels me up.

First we agreed on getting me a black wig. I was supposed to be completely black, including my hair. Since we couldn't get a wig which looked realistic, we decided to put my hair back so I would be ready to swim in the darkness.

As time passed by, all the paint was starting to tickle me. I couldn't really scratch my face so they gave me a pencil to scratch. On the upper picture I'm 'smoking' the pencil. I guess that all the fumes got to me.

Here's another bucket of utter blackness.
A Scary Smoon.
A lot of the suit was covered with silicon which kept me warm, but the back was cold paint and after being stuck in the suit for over a day, I got a bit cold.

Pulling my strings.
After the black shots were done, I had to run to take a shower so that we could do the last shots with the beautiful clothes by Ingeborg Steenhorst. We started at 8.00 and finished at 6.00. I was so tired that I saw everybody double, but it was so worth it. The video is a real piece of art.

Scary Smoon

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  1. The video is great Simone! It looks very exhausting and a lot of hard work that has gone into creating it, but well worth the end result! Greetings xo

  2. Simone you continue to amaze us all ;) You are our S'Moon and S'tars :)

  3. I would've never believed that it was really you fully covered in black pitch. Props for the courage Smoon

  4. Anonymous3.5.12

    Now I understand the context of the video. I have to say is better than the Epica has done, without taking the podium of The Phantom Agony, of course! HAHA :D

  5. I was able to enjoy the video as soon as Nuclear Blast released it on their YouTube channel. I love how you've played around with binary opposites (contrasts). The new album is great and recently, I've found myself listening to songs from 'Design Your Universe' in conjunction to 'Requiem for the Indifferent' such as 'Martyr of the Free World'.
    I hope that you'll be able to tour in UK this year or sometime soon and wish you and the guys an EPIC European & USA tour! xxx

  6. When I first saw the video, I thought that you were covered all black, the second time I saw it I thought that it was computer effect because when you fall down the black disappears, but watching this pictures I was like =O!!!!!, she really got black!! I was right from my first impression.

    I loved the video, it looked hard and reading all this makes me loving it even more. Such a hard work but it really worth it =). Congratulations!!

    Also the meaning of the video, I understood clearly so you achieve successfuly interpreting the song.

    Regards from Mexico!!

    P.S.: When's the North/Latin America Contest?

  7. Ik denk dat jij heel blij was toen je kon douche! Maar de clip past mooi bij de betekenis van de muziek. Nice! Het was het zeker waard!

  8. :O! I never thought that I needed physical effort, Take care!. do not know how beautiful you looked in that white suit *.*... Take care!
    love you!^^

  9. It's a really good video, the best Epica's one so far imo :) thanks for the interesting post!

  10. Really it was very tiring for you but the result was a beautiful piece of art. With regard to your make- up is really beautiful, this color is perfect highlights much your eyes (: congratulations is a video with a special message . the concept is amazing and perfect for the song... now is one of my favorite videos ..the first time that I saw it I wanted to cry is very poignant. your interpretation AWESOME... Thanks for sharing this beautiful adventure x)<3
    Ik hou van jou .... Take Care

  11. Seamstresses save the day! ;) Nice work.

  12. Its an AWESOME video. you havent talked about the animals here, but I think the animals made the video closer to me, i loved when they appeared, where so cute.

    I enjoyed so much the make up, made your eyes very beautiful, and the boys were incredible, they were scary jaja.

    Was a fantastic video, all of you did a great job there

  13. Lovely post. Really, is so interesting know about the behind the scenes. Funny and damn interesting! Thank you for letting us to participate to this experience and emotions :)

  14. I haven't write here because I was busy because of University, but now I gave myself a chance to say hello to you I hope you noticed my comment :)

    Fantastic video, all your effort really worth it. You looked amazing there and amaze us all too!! A fantastic video really!! I loved to have seen an Epica's videoclip, such masterpiece again, and I'm very exited waiting for the North/LatinAmerican contest :P

    Hugs & Greetings
    Estefania/Monterrey, Mexico.


    1. Yesss!!! Come to Mexico!! I'm agree!!

    2. I'm also waiting for the contest <3 it's gonna be amazing ^^

  15. Simone, I'm so glad you wrote this blog showing everyone what hard work it is to do a video. I just shot a video this past weekend and can totally relate to the muscle pain and exhaustion that can take place while doing a creative, outstanding video. The 'Storm the Sorrow' video is great. I love it!

  16. So much fun to see the behind the scene shots! Everyone looks a bit tired but the result paid of. The video turned out very nice! I love the concept a lot, it's very unique which suits very well together Epica's music :) Congrats on the beautiful video!

  17. You did great Simone... and the video is a nice work of art.
    I'm sure it was all worth it. :)
    It does look like you've been working very hard on this video and album.
    And that's why we appreciate the music and you guys even more.
    Keep it up :)

  18. Indeed!! The video is a true work of art. I loved it and I'm sure you will continue in the road of success.
    Greetings from Costa Rica! :)

  19. Anonymous4.5.12

    Thank you for all you and Epica do for your fans! I absolutely love the video and appreciate all of your hard work. I can't imagine how tiring touring, filming, and rehearsals are, but I'm thankful for it. :)


  20. I totally agree with everybody who has written before me, a complete piece of art is this video, I'm in love with the details of your make up.! And the clothes you wore in this video are great, the one with black feathers is great, and it reminds me somehow the dress that Sharon den Adel wore in the memories video :-) I'd have loved to know about the experience you had with the animals that appear in the video... We miss you in Costa Rica:-) come back soon

  21. The video is just AWESOME!!. Great effects and you did fantastic!
    It's nice to see so many backstage pics of the whole thing

  22. All the crew did an amazing job, the video is awesome and you look stunning!

    I love the meaning of the lyrics.
    Thanks for sharing

  23. Wow thnx for sharing its hard work but we love it its one off my favorite song from the album <3

  24. I liked the concept of the video from the start, this is Epica's best vid so far!
    Didn't think it was that exhausting, but full recovery to your aching body parts!

  25. Hey, I just saw this Hairtool on amazon, which reminded me of one elder Blogspot, where an equal Toll by Revlon was used. This is a European product, so there´s no need for a converter.

  26. It seems my message fade away :S

    thanks for sharing all this! the video was amazing and if you didn't tell us this stuff I'll never imagine how hard was for you to do this.
    I love everything, and the make up detail, getting darker, details, just amazing!

  27. Anonymous4.5.12

    i thought that the video talk about pollution...however I didn't like it...too many special effects,i don't know...I my opinion The phantom agony video was a masterpiece.....oh yes, also the song..^^

  28. Really nice video, really nice european tour, continue to be like this ! You got an epic voice in Lyon ! Kiss from France :)

  29. Bravo! Wonderful, amazing, deep.... Love it!!!!

  30. Simone, you and your crew have done a hell of a good piece of work :) i like the video very much and also thank you for explaining the meaning of the I like the video even more and I think I'm going to give it few more hits on YT before the sleep..cheers from Slovakia

  31. The lyric, sound, and video, are assembled perfectly.
    Love your make up, she makes art!
    And all Epica team does an excellent work.

  32. Thanks for sharing the inside story. It's a very cool video, and you look beautiful even with goop!

  33. Simone, look at this editated picture of you:

    You look so gorgeous with this hair color, I think you should dye your hair this color!!

    bye xoxo

  34. Now that I know the concept behind the video, I like it a lot more. I didn't notice before that the guys were pulling on the ropes of goo.

  35. Simply beautiful work. And knowing all the process behind this great clip only makes it even better.
    Congrats to Simone and all people involved with the production. ^___^

  36. wow.what a story!..But it is really a great video,congrats!..and your album rocks!Can't stop listening:)

  37. Piece of art... Epica's videos are developing. I think you should think about take another video from Requiem for the indifferent Simone.

  38. am so in love with the song! love you simone!

  39. Oh God....I'm just addicted to this video...I MUST watch it every day....

  40. I love this video kisses for you Simone !

  41. This video clip is amazing and wonderful music is dark, everything is so beautiful, and you my dear Simone sun, you're all my crazy world and you so much he he, sends kisses for you!

  42. oh!! I never tire of watching the video!! i really fall in love with your dress (the black one with large shoulders) I want it!!!!!!!
    <3 lovely!!

  43. Much more appreciation for the song and video! Until I read this and saw the video and pics of behind the scenes I did not grasp how difficult it was to complete it. I am in awe how you covered yourself in black for it Simone!! So much love for you and the band!! Huge fan here and can't wait to see you perform back in states!!

  44. the things you do to please your fans
    i love the video its really really well thought and performed
    sorry for your trouble

  45. yo tengo el vestido que uso en ese video... es IGUALITO!!

    Te Adoro Simone! =)

  46. I love this song so much.. The lyrics are very inspiring and get me through my days. The video is super awesome too!! Thanks for posting it, it is great to see behind the scenes:D

  47. The video is very good, and so is the meaning of the song..keep up the good work ...and the good looking :)