Summer Shots

by 6.6.12

Hello Sweets,

Here are some photographs made by Oliver. We were going to spend the day in Marbach. I was in an orange mood, as you can see. It just instantly brightens up my day.

Hope you like the pictures!

The Look:
  • Dress by Zara (last year).
  • Necklace and ring from H&M. Bag from Modalu.
  • Nailpolish from Esprit (discontinued).
  • On the eyes I'm wearing MAC's Off the Page eyeshadow with a little bit of UD Naked blended in the crease.
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.
  • YSL Sheer Candy in nr. 10.
  • On the cheeks I'm wearing Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in the color Cabo Coral.
  • Sunglasses are from Ray Ban.

The following two photos were made by me.

Summer Schmatzies,

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  1. Marbach ist sehr schön, ich finds toll dass du immer in ganz Baden-Württemberg unterwegs bist und die Bilder mit uns teilst!
    Mir fehlt meine Heimat!

    Übrigens, schau mal:

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. I really like this outfit, orange suits you a lot

  3. Orange Girl... nice outfit ... I love that kind of dresses
    that makes you see fashion besides the fact that they are very comfortable ^^ all the pictures are stunning ...

    ps: Oliver you got a beautiful woman and model jijii (:

  4. What Simone Look Beautiful, Perfect It was in you.=D

  5. That outfit makes your hair look more blond or.. did you dye your hair?

  6. hey Simone, Oliver took fantastics pictures.

    nice day :)

  7. Oh my... ich muss gerade mal was loswerden ;)
    Ich bin gerade noch völlig "blown away" irgendwie, nachdem ich mir einige deiner Videos auf YouTube angeschaut habe. Ich höre zwar schon eine ganze Zeit Epica, aber mir war bis eben nicht wirklich bewusst, was für wunderbare, entspannte, "ganz normale" Menschen dahinter stecken! Ich glaube, ich habe da echt einiges nachzuholen! :D
    Krass - ich bin immer noch ganz, ja... "blown away" (mir fällt nicht mal eine andere Bezeichnung ein, haha!).
    Wie auch immer - I felt like telling you ;)
    Thank you for making my day! You're awesome! ♥

    Ganz liebe Grüße! :)

    PS: Echt schöne Bilder!

  8. WOW! You look stunning as usual =) I've got a T-shirt and lots of make up of the exact same colour, it does brighten up the day, lovely ^^
    Congrats to Oli, he makes an amazing photographer!!!
    Love from a wintry cold Argentina (brrrr)

  9. Won't you have your red hair anymore?

  10. Hi Simone,
    ich glaube, es gibt echt nichts, was Du nicht anziehen könntest.
    Allerdings ist ja jetzt EM!
    Zieh doch mal was in schwarz/weiß an. Du weißt ja, orange ist da immer so ne Sache ;-)

  11. aww so beautiful as always! ♥

  12. So beautiful it's not even fair for the rest of us! hahahahah.... Anyway, great style...tres chic

  13. hello simone'm from Brazil. postasse much you wanted tips on her hair I think it very lindo.beijos

  14. My favorite colors!
    Lovely pics :)

  15. The 2nd and 3rd pics are my favs. They look like magazine shots.

  16. You're beatiful. Nice photos :)

  17. I like the dress so much but you look like get lost in lost of orange... :/ In my opinion, bag might have been different color. Anyway I like last 2 photos. Where is they taken?

  18. Ich gehe in die Schule in Marbach! :) Wunderbar? Bester Platz für Freitag Abend!

  19. Pretty Women and sweet love you Simone !

  20. Is super kolor and you, dath sweet love you Simone !

  21. i loved the style that you used in these pics.greets :D