Atlanta/Latin America Blog I

by 24.9.12

A very good day to all you sweets!

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged since a while. During these weeks we have been flying a lot and didn't have so much sleep. The bad internet connections and my cold prevented me from blogging. Luckily I kicked my cold in the butt am leaving it behind in Bogota, Colombia.

So far we've headlined on Progpower USA in Atlanta, which was awesome. It was a really late show and I was fighting my jet leg before the show. I was almost falling asleep while putting on my make up.

Seeing the pictures from the show, I saw that I didn't put any eyeliner on my mouth luckily. Years of practice have made me 'zombie state of mind- putting on make up- proof.

After Atlanta we flew to El Salvador (San Salvador), Guatemala City (Guatemala), San Jose (Costa Rica) Medellin and Bogota (Colombia). All of these shows were mind blowing. It is always such an experience to play in these countries. The people, the climate and the amazing food always gets us high.

The fans are spoiling us with presents and beautiful artwork. You are all very creative! I love that and support art. Thank you for that!

The countries which are still ahead are Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico. My passport will be filled with all the colorful stamps of these countries.

Here are some pictures from the last weeks.

A Starbucks is always necessary when you're in the States. Didn't really like the one I chose. Next time I go for my Earl Grey tea with milk. I do love those pink cake pops/pop cakes. So delicious! My new addiction.
I always feel like a tiny ant when I'm surrounded by tall buildings.
Medellin, Colombia.
Bogota, Colombia.
Please check out the Epica Facebook to see if you ended up on our profile. We upload pictures of our shows with you guys!

I advise all of you that plan to come see our upcoming shows to practice your head banging skills. We pick one winner to come head bang with us on stage during on of our songs!


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  1. Super-leuke foto's Simone.

    Traveling has to be (one) of the best parts of being in band. haha

    Ik zie jullie heel gauw ook weereens. (12 oktober in NL)

  2. I'm from Medellín, I went to see your show and it was really great, you all put so much energy in it and I had the best time. I hope you enjoyed this city and come back soon :)

  3. Hey Simone it was a pleasure to meet you in El Salvador I hope you guys had a good time in my country! we hope to see you live again!! This is the picture we took in the M&G :D Hugs from El Salvador!!

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    1. Hello Simone, on next friday i will go to show EPICA SP, and i'm really happy, because i love very much EPICA, i see you XOXO :* Bye

  5. Great pictures, it would be awesome if you had one picture from Panamá here. We are a little country and the scene is little too. But we love Epica and we love you!

  6. Hello Simone very nice pics, i´m waiting to see you in Uruguay, very ansious! kisses. :D

  7. Great! :) I'm very excited to see you all next Saturday in Fundição Progresso, RJ.
    I didn't win the make up contest, who knows if I can win the headbangers contest? hahahaha Love u!

  8. Hah, I wouldn't say a Starbucks is always necessary. I live here and can't stand the stuff. Too pricey and I don't like the smell of coffee. Curious, is this head banging contest also including the shows for your North American tour? And is there still plans for a North American contest?

  9. Anonymous26.9.12

    kudos to you from Medellin!

    Thank you for the show, it was unbelievable, my neck is barely moving after all the headbanging, please keep coming back whenever you want to!

    PD: It was a very great moment when you all began to play Delirium, and what to say from Storm the Sorrow!

    Keep rocking!

  10. I did wonder a few days ago why aren't you blogging lately, but I'm glad you're back! It's nice to read that you had fun. I think the greatest thing about Latin American fans is that they are exactly like the Israeli ones, I really like that about them - they're crazy, dedeciated and loving with all of their hearts. You can't see fans like that everywhere :)
    Enjoy the rest of the tour!

  11. Simone you look very beautyful with this dress :)

  12. Love the photos. I'm glad you're feeling better and are enjoying the tour! I'm hoping to see Epica in Massachusetts next month, but I hope I don't get pulled up to head bang on stage! I'd be so embarrassed. I was brought up on stage at a concert once and it made me feel so sick. Much too shy for that.

  13. You are always lovely, thanks, Godess.
    Hope you have a lot of fun on these countries and in mine, Brazil. Please take a lot of photos and share with us, because we love you.
    See ya on meet and greet in Porto Alegre , 30th september. I'm bringing to you a box full of chocolate candies :) hope you like it.

  14. Hi Simone! I can't wait to see your photos of yesterday in Rio de Janeiro! I gave to you a little heart, which Coen Janssen put above the keyboard, and then put inside his shirt.... could you tell me if He gave it back to you or keeps with it for him???
    I'd love to see a photo of my gift in your hands ♥ !!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I'm very sorry for not going to the show on 29 September :(

  16. SiSi, his voice is like an elfa not only the voice but also the appearance, was on his show in Rio de Janeiro, it was my first time and loved it, you saw me and smiled at me, I'll remember this moment forever . already want to go again, I hope you come back again

  17. I saw you in El Salvador, was a great show, and you are really beautifull, I wish that you can show some pictures here(San Salvador)