Photoshoot with Pauline Darley

by 16.12.12

Hi sweets,

During my day off in beautiful Paris, I had a photo shoot with Pauline Darley and Maxime Stange. I knew Pauline's work from Louise Ebel (miss pandora) and fell in love with her style. She agreed to take my pictures and we had a lovely time while doing so. These pictures were made at Le Jardin des Plantes, an absolutely stunning location! We ate crepes with nutella, banana and coconut and shared our stories about cats, while their cat was warming my lap.

Merci Pauline et Maxime!

  • Dress | Crossroads (thrift shop in Portland OR)
  • Necklace | H&M
  • Jacket | Tristan
  • Watch Ring | Davis
  • Chrystal Ring | Unknown


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  1. Love the colours & skirt!

  2. the first pic is magnific! well and the rest of them!
    congrats! and i hope u had a really great time in Paris^^

  3. nice shoes... there are not in the pictures haha :) you are a real top model! gorgeous

  4. Anonymous16.12.12

    Lovely pictures! You are gorgeous as always. And the photographer does amazing work! I really like the style.

  5. Anonymous16.12.12

    AMAZING shoot! The best so far! You look amazing Simone! Love this shoot,really. ♥

  6. The last was my favorite. Thought you are great in all!

  7. The picture quality is sterling .What was the model of the camera used for this photo shoot? Your hair is amazing in the second picture so big & grand.I am a huge fan of the black & white verticle lines,they suit you very well.I love Crepes,to me they're like posh pancakes

    ps:Epica were amazing tonight in Glasgow.I hope Isaac likes the funky hat I threw at him,was cool that he put it on after the encore.

  8. I thought the photoshoot was with the cats! you should do that! that would be extremely cute!!

  9. This outfit is so lovely. I love the ruffles on the coat and the otherwise sleek lines. You look gorgeous!

  10. Amazing! I like it! Wonderful photo shoot ;-)

  11. you look stunning, especially on the first picture! and uhm pity, that some pics are too dark

  12. Beautiful photos! Great photo quality and a lovely outfit. Lookin' gorgeous! :)

  13. WOW Simone you looks GORGEOUS!!! i love this pic

  14. I would be delighted to do a photoshoot with you when you come to Toulouse.. ♥ :)

  15. The location is amazing! loved this pics session a lot :) you're lovely as always! I'd like to see more of your dress someday... and there are no pics with the shoes, couldn't see them :(

    1. I forgot to mention I actually like the messy hair style... it's magical in a way :P

  16. Simone you look stunning as always. The photographer did an amazing work.
    Could you please tell us which lipstick did you use?


  17. Hi Simone:wich lipstick did you used? Big kiss Julieta

  18. The photographer is amazing! I really like this photoshoot!

  19. Simone, I love your photos!
    You're so beauty!

    See my work with photography:

    Kisses! ♥

  20. Nice photoshoot S!

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  22. you're always beautiful (:

  23. Anonymous24.12.12

    Merry christmas Simone, heheh ... I love you, too.

  24. SIMONE! For GOD'S sake... These photos are the most beautiful. Your best! INDEED.

  25. Wow... Nuair a tchím na pioctúracha sin, deimhneann sé ar shíl mé cheana féin, ie. gur tú an bhean is áille ar dhroim an domhain mhóir...
    = Wow... when I see these pictures it confirms what I already thought, ie. that you are the most beautiful woman on earth...