Food, glorious food

by 7.1.13

Hi sweeties,

For New Years Eve I invited my family over and cooked a five course meal for them. I was standing in the kitchen for two days, experimenting, preparing for the big meal. From the first course, which was a lovely zucchini soup, I didn't make a picture. I realized that after we've eaten it. You can trust me when I say that it looked green and delicious.

  1. Zucchini Soup 
  2. Orange Carrot Rucola Salad
  3. Lemon Sorbet with Champagne
  4. Chicken breast with pistachio sauce, filled Tomato and grilled Potato disks 
  5. Home made Panna Cotta with forest fruit sauce and chocolate sticks
My guests loved the dinner that I prepared for them. I am glad that I already made the main course once  the day before to see how it would turn out. All of these meals, except for the soup, were brand new and I can recommend to you that you try them out once before the big day. Like this you can alter the recipe to your liking and also time the whole evening. When you are preparing so many tasty recipes, it is good to have a little bit a plan. There are certain pieces that you can prepare before your guests arrive and some which need to be fresh, like the chicken breast.

Tasty greetings,

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  1. Wow Simone! Congrats! The second and the last pics look so yummy!!
    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try to prepare something like this (even if I know that it will be a big mess...)

  2. Looks delicious! Did you make the sorbet yourself as well? I haven't dared to buy ice-cream machine; I fear that I wouldn't eat anything but sorbet if I did. :P Pistachio sause sounds lovely, too bad that it's hard to find reasonably priced unsalted pistachios in Finland. What did you fill the tomatoes with?

  3. Wow, everything looks delicious!! I love cook too. Awesome menu

  4. Yummie! Very beautiful and delicious sure! Congratz Simone!

  5. wow! is great! I love you so much Simone! You are the best singer from me... you are perfect woman! Kisses from Uruguay! :)

  6. Do not give importance to people who do not know you and says many things that are lies ... :) ♥

  7. Nice. I had to google what Rucola is. We call it Rocket Salad over here. I like the nice touch of the mint leaf on the Lemon Sorbet, interesting infusing it with Champagne, bet it tastes unique. I want to try some pistachio sauce I love pistachio nuts so much & pistachio flavoured ice cream is amazing.Looks like Parmesan cheese in the tomato. Are those Mikado chocolate sticks used in the dessert? We didn't celebrate the festive period because my Mum died at xmas, not really in the mood for celebration.

    I hope you are doing well Simone. Thank you for sharing this I do appreciate it. A lot of hours in the gym to burn off all the calories from the from five delicious courses lol.

    1. I'm sorry about your loss Shaun. That is awful! Be strong!

    2. Thank you Simone. My Mum was happy to meet you in Glasgow.I got her a vip ticket as her B'day present, she was also a fan. I'm sorry I sent you a email when I was drunk,sorry about that.I'm assuming that address is for fan art & stuff,not my drunken ramblings.

      Speaking of the dishes, you inspired me to cook similar dishes. I made a cuecumber soup, it did not turn out well. Thought it would be similar to Zucchini soup.Althoug it was my fault it turned out to thin. Months ago I also was inspired by your chicken zucchini & rice video. I made an insanely spicy version of it with quorn rather than chicken(not a veggie,I just love quorn)made it several times actually.I really need to try pistachio sauce it looks amazing. I make lots of egg dishes since I have about 40 chickens as pets. I think you would like my famous haggis or black pudding ommlette. (not sure about the spelling sorry)

      Thank you for your reply.It's simple but it does mean a lot to me.Hope you are doing fine.

  8. Hi, Simone!)) I thought you had gone to restaurant with your family before I read the text. Because it looks like high-grade restaurant food. Really impressive!) It will be super if you post recipes.

  9. These look absolutely delicious. I'm glad the meal was a success! Happy New Year.

  10. Anonymous7.1.13

    YUM! PANNA COTTA! *___*

  11. Omg, that food looks so profesional! Your are excellent as well cooking! :)

  12. Looks so yummy :) You are a great cook! Singer, musician, photographer, cook, makeup artist, beautiful... what else? You are perfecto, Simone!

  13. WOW!! Delicious, you're really a perfect woman!

  14. Anonymous9.1.13

    It looks very tasteful, i'm waiting for the courses!!

    Greetings from Medellín, Colombia