Smells like Smoonstyle #1 Scented Dreams - Rituals -

by 12.2.13

Hi Sweets,

During my visit in Heidelberg, I jumped into a 'Rituals' shop. I am a real Rituals fanatic. I have all their shower foams, body creams and deodorants. This 'Yin' calming bed and body mist was something new to me. I took a sniff and was sold right away. I didn't buy it yet, but at our way back to the car, I went inside the shop again and got myself some calming night spray, so I thought.

Soon after buying it I found out that the spray top was defect. The tester at the shop was spraying a nice mist, mine was more like a straight stream coming out of a garden hose. Whenever I would spray myself or my pillow with this heavenly scented 'mist', it looked more like I was marking my territory with puddles. I tried to open the spritzer with a needle, tried to exchange the cap, but nothing happened. So I took it back with me to the Netherlands, since I don't have a Rituals shop near my home in Germany. Unfortunately, the V&D that carried Rituals didn't have this spray. Damn. I am now going to empty it, one puddle at the time. It also kind of hurts to spray it on myself, the distance is not making it appear nicer. It is just a plain stream, no mist in sight.

Another option that remains is to put it into one of my Travelo's. However, they are all filled with perfume and I don't like to mix perfumes. I guess I have to get a new dispenser somehow, or just spray it on my pillow.

Do any of you have some advise for me?

I will mark my territory in my bed and go to sleep.

Sleepy kisses,

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  1. I would "spray" it first into my hands, rub together, then rub over my body. After, wash your hands to get the smell off of them... That's what I do with broken perfumes and such.

  2. Damn... I think you should buy another empty glass spray. It's better than soaking your pillow everytime you use this calming bed...

  3. Well, what you can do is wait until this one is finished (spraying it to your pillow) and then go to the store and see if all of these containers are the same as yours. Or wait until another bottle or container is clean and empty and put it there :)

  4. No ideas really but I love the fact you're sharing this with us and asking us!!

  5. What is a calming night spray? Is it like Olbas Oil? Sometimes I use Olbas Oil when I have a cold. I spray it on my pillow, I have a very weak sense of smell, but still I can smell it strongly, I can't imagine how strong the smell must be to someone with a normal sense of smell. It hurts my eyeballs immensely.

  6. I use a spray to sleep myself too. Along with this soothing moisturizer. I'm a horrible sleeper. A friend of mine brought it back from me from the USA. It's basically just called DEEP SLEEP and it's from "The Body Shop". You do fall in a deep sleep dreaming and wake up feeling really refreshed and well-rested.

    About the broken spray problem, see if you can just use another empty spray bottle. Don't you have an empty mini hairspray bottle or something lying around? :p

  7. I Use it too, it smells so good. Maybe you shoud spray it over a towel or something like that and then put the towel for a while in the bed before going to sleep. the essence will be on the pillow. I really like the smell, but i'm not a good sleeper and it doesnt help, but makes my insomnia easier to stand!.
    Im a lover of rituals. there is one very close to my home in valencia, spain. My favourite product is a hand hydratant cream, its green and very dense, but its perfect for me, i really love it.

  8. Xenos (&some more stores, probably) sells these travel-kits with tiny containers for cremes and such, and it has a spray-dispenser in it too, I used it for suncreme, works very well, very misty ;-) It's plastic though and doesn't look *pretty* but it does the trick!

  9. Oh you were in Heidelberg? Nice one! What have you visited instead of the Rituals Shop ( I didn´t know we had one and I´m living near Heidelberg and I´m studying there...) ? With your spraying Problem, I think you can buy some empty spraying bottles? So you don´t have the mixture between an empty perfumed spraying bottle and your Yin. Amazon has some :)

  10. hmm, sehr schade. Umfüllen wäre eine Alternative aber dann wäre es sehr schade um die schöne Flasche. Ich finde man kann sich immer mindestens genauso an den Verpackungen erfreuen, wie an den Produkten selbst ;)
    Aber vielleicht kannnst du nur den Zerstäuber austauschen also mit schlauch und Schraubdings :)Die sind ja meistens genormt.

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Well, I had this problem once and I just emptyed the "perfume" into an other spray container I bought at a local store....Which I still have cause it's a beautiful red glass one. Tres chic....

  12. hmmm...sephora have this empty dispensers and stuff so i suggest to change the bottle :)

  13. I visited Heidelberg too, last year, and it's a marvelous place! =)
    Well, for the problem with that little bottle, I think you can change the container, but I don't know if it could work...
    I never used calming night spray, but a friend of mine does: if I remember correctly, the name of her spray is "Bach Goodnight", and she told me that, before going to bed, she spray it in all the room, and it has a really beautiful scent and helps her relaxing a lot.
    You make me courious, I think I will buy something from Rituals...Thanks!

  14. Simone, could you decant it into a different bottle? I know you're not in the States, but what about something like this?