Playing with Purple

by 16.7.13

I haven't worn any purple eyeshadow for the longest of time. Lately I have been grabbing the usual neutral tones that don't need much thinking and you can just slap on.

When I was reorganizing my make up collection, I found these gorgeous pigments from NYX. Great thing is that they are super inexpensive and come in a great variety of colors. The only downside is the packaging. Pigments are already tricky to work with and these just have a very unpractical packaging. If you don't mind getting your dresser dirty, you will be fine. I advise you to keep a tissue underneath to keep the messiness at a minimum.

  • Diorskin Forever Foundation in 020
  • MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink (also on the lips)
  • NYX Pearl Mania Pigments in Purple Pearl and Lilac Pearl
  • KRYOLAN Satin Powder in Hell Lila
  • Kiko liquid highlighter pen 01
  • Make Up Forever High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner in purple
  • MAX Factor 24 hour False Lash Effect mascara
  • MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow
  • Catrice 010 eyebrow pencil (not on displayed)

Do any of you own any NYX pigments?

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  1. schööööööön :))))

  2. Anonymous16.7.13

    Lovely as always! <3 By the way, you should definitely do a post with some favorite oils for your hair. <3

    1. She had a video blog on the oils she uses... Though after she deleted the youtube channel obviously it got deleted too...

  3. I love NYX! But I don't own any of their pigments. Probably because I'm not the best with eyeshadow, I don't even dare to touch pigments! :) The color is really pretty, and it looks really nice with the top you're wearing!

  4. woww I loved the post!!! purple is my second favorite color (after black)and I don't use to wear dark meake up, to me, the balance of the colors are pretty beautiful and you look absolutely gorgeous!!! I always get my clotes dirty when I make my self up even though I don't have any ´picment, so.... I don't wear my blouse :P

    PD: Love your blouse :3

  5. it looks amaizing but i think you look better wearing red n///n

  6. so beautiful as always!! did you change the color of your hair?::) and I loved the EPICA TCC background! haha nice <3

  7. Beautiful!

    I have a few NYX loose pigments. I shake some of the pigment out into little sample jars (and store them that way) that I've collected from Sephora and Nordstrom, that way it lessens the mess. I'm sure pressing them is also an option :)

  8. I'm not a fan of purple, but I really loved this look! your shirt is awesome by the way :D

  9. wow, very nice!
    I use very little purple.

  10. I like more burgundy purple than lilac purple, but this look is very pretty and looks great on you :)
    Do you think you'll start doing makeup tutorials again? I really liked them, that trick about curling the lashes with your fingers is really great and I use it everyday :D
    You inspire me to try new color combos.

  11. I love those pigments! My absolute favorite is the color "Yellow Gold". It looks like a beautiful golden treasure on the lids. And those purples are really pretty, great look.

  12. I love MAC eyeshadows, but they cause allergy in my eyelids :(
    Are you using false eyelashes, Simone?

  13. Awsome for Simone...