Vrolijk Kerstfeest!

by 25.12.13

This year has flown by like crazy. It was a beautiful year, filled with wonderful experiences. I found out that I was pregnant during the beginning of the year, Epica celebrated its ten year jubilee, I visited Australia, Indonesia and China for the first time, I got married, my son Vincent was born on the 2nd of October, two days later my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl, my best friend gave birth to a baby boy.

Among all this joy there was also sadness. While I was waiting for Vincent's arrival, I had to say goodbye to an aunt that died of cancer. I couldn't be at her cremation because I was long passed my due date and could give birth any time soon. That was one of the weirdest situations I have ever been in. Waiting for my son to be born while knowing someone close to me was dying. May she rest in peace.

Giving birth has been life changing. I was very afraid of it and thanks to hypnobirthing I experienced a beautiful delivery. I know now that I am strong and can handle all the obstacles in life (not that giving birth is an obstacle). I gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy and did it the natural way. For me that is the highest achievement.

The first Christmas as a family has arrived. Although Vincent is too young to enjoy it, he does love the lights and is totally mesmerized by it. It is so beautiful to see.

SmoonStyle has been a bit in the background since his birth, but I am sure that you can all understand that I had very little time for the blog. The new Epica record is almost done and has taken up the free minutes in between breast feeding and changing poopy diapers. I still have to go to the Netherlands after Christmas to finish the vocals. Our sixth studio album, can you believe it? Can you guess what TQE stands for? 

Thank you all for your loyalty and support. It keeps us doing what we love and we will keep on going strong together with you!

Enjoy this time with your family and friends, don't worry about presents, the real presents are the people that you love, health and happiness.

Simone, Oliver and Vinnie

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  1. Fijne feestdagen, Simone!

  2. Jij ook een fijne kerst, Simone! I can't wait for the new album, and I'm even more excited about seeing Epica live on April the 30th! :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Simone and Oliver and little Vincent! (I love that name.)

  4. TQE = The Question of Existence.

  5. Thank you Simone for sharing these thoughts with us! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year, I wish you and your family all the best! Greetings from Hungary

  6. Merry christmas Simone..

  7. Merry Xmas Simone, I admire you *-*. And merry xmas for Vincent and Oliver (that i hope to see him here in Brazil for a concert with Kamelot o/).

  8. Thanks for your posts and your time for all of us with (you really help me with beauty tips and the post about the products). It was fun to visit Schiphol Airport and said to Joske's -hey! Simone post about Rituals, I want it-:D
    All the best wishes for you and your beautiful family for today and forever.
    XO from Mexico City. <(*w*)> ♡ JD

  9. Anonymous25.12.13

    Merry Christmas!! Greetings from Brazil! We love you Simone! I wish all the best to you and your family! Ps: the quantum enigma or the quantum energy? I don't know ): But the only thing that I know is that album will kick ass! ♥

  10. Merry Christmas Simone :)

  11. Ook aan jou een fijne kerst toegewenst, Simone.

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  13. Merry Christmas, Simone!
    I had no idea that you got married and I am really happy for you now.
    I`ve had a crazy year, with lots of new experience and I know that next year will be even better. I wish the same for you all! :)
    Can`t wait to hear the new Epica album, hopefully I`ll see Epica live finally. Come to Scotland! ;)

  14. I wish you and your family Merry Christmas. I doesnt know that you get marriage but congrats Its rly beautyful experience :) And I wish you all the best in 2014 year ;)

  15. Hi Simone, is really the year has passed very quickly!
    It's been wonderful things and things despite the fact that they hurt also we discovered our strength!
    In my case I lost my dad, and although sometimes it costs me to demonstrate my feelings the truth is that it hurts, but thanks to Epica I could pass these difficult months, I say this from the heart.
    I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas and having an excellent 2014!
    I am very excited about the new album and I hope to return to the Argentina again!

    Love for your family and friends!

    *Sorry for my English, is not yet sufficiently good ^-^

  16. My father died of cancer this summer, I discovered that I was pregnant just after his death, and that my sister was going to be mom too .... we have boys (-: in April 2014
    Life can be surprising! Happy holidays to all your Simone family.

  17. omg, you had really crazy year haha :) But you are the best and know that I love you :) I wish you and your new family very Merry Christmas and lots of joy and love in your life.

  18. What a year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

    PS. TQE? Hmm. The Quiet Existence? The Questionable Existence? The Quintessential....something? Experience? I'll have to think about this haha.

  19. We all love you! <3 Merry Christmas my lovely Simone, all the best for you and your whole family! :) Kiss and hug Vinnie from me. Hope you enjoy this magic time, love from Poland!

  20. Merry Christmas Simone and happy new year :)

  21. Even when not knowing you personally, it can be seen very clearly through this post that you grew up so much this year, and that you're so much more mature and confident, and it is so fun to read. You seem to love and enjoy the people around you, especially your little baby boy, and I just wish everyone will be able to feel the same! this post is very heart-warming and I wish you only the best. Enjoy the holidays with your beloved ones, and keep achieving great things in the next years to come! :)

  22. Anonymous25.12.13

    Merry Cristmas Simone for u and your family and crongrats for all good things that happened this year in your life!!! :)

  23. Hi Simone! I undertsand you, this year for me was to crazy but I know and I have hope that next year will be much better!!
    I'm ver exciting to see the new album of Epica and to see the band in Brazil. Enjoying this moment with your family. I love christmas, it's always special and beautiful moment (principal the decoration ;) ).
    All the best for you, Oliver and Vinnie!
    Merry Christimas/ Feliz Natal!

    From Brazil.

  24. Sisi beautiful your words! Life is like that, good things happen but bad ones too ... I know how it is to lose a family member and dear, but what is important is that we take when that person is near us ... By their words we realize it was a person much loved by you and had a good time, and that's important! So we have to enjoy every minute hand of the people we love while they are with us!
    You are beautiful! Always loving to fans! Has a good heart! Your heart is beautiful! So is blessed! Now with a beautiful son and the whole family! You deserve it! That 2014 is a year full of blessings for all of us! Kisses!

  25. Simone, your words are so different! Simple, beautiful and objective. I'm lucky to have you as idol!
    Peace, love, health for all and Vinny, happiness!
    And may this new era for Epica be unforgettable!

  26. Happy holidays, hope it is great for you with your husband, son and family. Congrats on this great year. I hope 2014 will be as good for you as 2013. I am sure TQE will be epic and great. Good luck in the future. Epica and you Simone, has been an extremely positive impact on my life. Your music and lyrics makes me think, get angry and sad but must importantly live. Thanks so much.

  27. Marry Xmas Smoon :3
    Grettings to you, Oliver and Vinnie <3

  28. Oh dear you are married... I can't imagine how beautiful you looked in a wedding dress... This is the firs christmas without my grandpa, a very different christmas... that's so sad :( and I have'n ejoyed this days because I'm stell studying... even though, my family is very close and we always have a good time together.

    Best wishes for you and your beutiful family,

    Regards from Colombia :)

  29. Lots of babies born at the same time, good opportunity for friends! Sorry to hear about your Aunty, cancer is a horrible way to die, truly sorry.

    Congratulations on your marriage! Are you now Simone Palotai or still Simons?
    Love the old school clock ring you have btw?

    "TQE" I keep assuming that the T is THE.
    my guess is
    The Quiet Embrace
    The Quelled Empire
    The Questionable Empire
    The Questionable Existence

    Also if Epica ever does a greatest hits TQE could be The Quintessential Epica.

  30. Muchas felicidades y saludos desde chile.

  31. Merry Xmas for you & family!
    This post it is really inspiring for common people like me, beginning for your strenght to gave birth so naturally. I mean, some day I want to be mom and hopefully to live the same experience. I'm afraid about the pain, but stories like yours and Coen's wife makes me believe in a different way to have a baby, without medicines and peaceful. So, thanks for share your experience :)

    On the other hand, I really miss to read more beauty posts as usually you did, but I understand now you are busy with Vinnie and finishing the new Epica album. For the moment, I'm going to keep waiting for more ahead posts. Just take your time to enjoy your baby.

    And... Have a wonderful new year!

  32. Buon Natale Simone! Best wishes

  33. Hello Simone,
    Didn't know you got married! You kept it secret? Congratulations! I got married the 6th of july and you?
    Wish you the best for this upcoming year and I hope I will see on stage this time ( it would be my first Time ever!!!)
    Take care, kisses

  34. It's a very very beautiful post. Thanks for all: your music and your voice. And of course, this blog. Merry christmas and a happy new year. With love!

  35. Merry christmas to all the lovely family!!!
    I don't know about your wedding!! OMG I will die if I don't see a wedding picture, please please please! That could be my christmas present :)
    With love, Ester.

  36. How sweetie, you have a wonderful family now!
    I'm so happy for you... I wish you to enjoy all the good moments and learn with the difficult ones.
    2013 was great, let's wait to 2014 to be better!

  37. A wonderful Christmas to you and your family and may the new year be full of happiness. It is such a delight to hear that you enjoy life that much and can spend these days with the people you love!

    You look radiant as always, thank you so much for sharing your life with us! :*

  38. Merry Christmas Simone to you and your beloved ones ! Of course we understand that you are busy with the baby and everything , that is totally normal. Sorry for your loss but so happy for you for all the good things you had this year. I didn't know you get married with Oliver, that is amazing. I would love to see your wedding dress !! :) love you Simone, doei doei!

  39. Wait, what... you got married? :o CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seems like you had a wonderful year. And yes we understand the lack of updates. Thanks for still trying to make time to post something now and then.
    Good luck with the recording of the new album. Can't wait!!!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!!!!
    - Clayton

  40. Anonymous26.12.13

    Congratulations on your nuptials and newborn - 2013 was very good to you!


  41. Congratulations for all the good things that happened in your life, it's wonderful to be a mother (i'll be mum for the third time in march)! Wish you the best for the next year!

  42. Fijne feestdagen mooie Simone (:
    Ben zo benieuwd wat TQE wil zeggen!
    See you 30 april ! ( Ps: Ik mis je beauty filmpjes )

    xx Caroline

  43. Thanks for sharing these thoughts about your 2013! It somehow shows in a 'small' scale how incredible life itself can be: new life and death continuously entwined, as well as past and present. As regards the future, I'm looking forward to hearing Epica's sixth album as well! I guess that your personal experiences also made your voice even stronger and glowing.

    I wish a good continuation of these holidays to you and your family!

  44. Hello Simone, congratulations for everything! Thank you for keeping us updated with everything that is going on in your life, we are just fans but we really care about you and Epica.
    Love the blog, kisses.

  45. You are really beutiful :) but you already now that! haha your hair is better that ever!

  46. awwww I love you Simone!! congrats for everything , you are a strong woman,
    Can´t wait for the new album, honestly the last one was not my favorite, but not that bad, let´s see the new one, and hope you come back to Central America