Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Q&A on Twitter

To celebrate my almost 300,000 Facebook friends, I want to do another extra long Q&A on Twitter with you guys!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make sure that you are part of the Q&A and have your questions answered by me.

Looking forward to it!

The day and time of the Q&A will be announced as soon as FB hits 300,000 people.


Awesome artwork by a very talented fan.



  1. It was difficult for you to learn german ?

  2. Hi Simone, I am anxious to be able to send any of my questions or rather doubts about overall care you have to be well physically and spiritually. I hope you are fine, affection from Chile :)

  3. Hi Simone. How cool to make a doll in your honor! Now that's a true fan . Sorry again for my bad English. Argentina loves you baby! I would like at some point to know the face of your son Vincent . By the way , what day and time you will do a Q & A?

  4. My dear Simone, just in case my work does not allow me to barge in the Q&A session, I'd like to reassure my admiration for you in all fields, since you're such a talented singer, a gorgeous woman and a devoted mother and wife.

    My question would be regarding your dietary & workout routine. Do you have any tips for us? I was mesmerized by how incredibly thin you were shortly after delivering our beloved Vincent and I'm intrigued whether there are any "dirty little secrets" on how to maintain a fit figure like yours.

    Hope I can participate in the Q&A to ask you that, but Twitter does not seem to help, for I am a person who writes too much :(

    Greetings from Brazil, you guys are dearly missed around here!

    Love you, see you all in March!

  5. Christien de VriesThursday, October 16, 2014

    Hi Simone! I would love to be part of the Q&A, but I've never activated Twitter because I'm very fast addicted to social media. Is there another way of asking questions that time?
    I hope to see you in Utrecht, dec 7!

  6. Hi Simone. I must say that I love your style. It´s easy to admire someone else just regarding their photos, but when I see your blog I just can see a woman who´s honest and love enjoying live with the family and friends. I love Metal music, but I love Make-up too, and it´s gorgeous that you show us your dual part. You are a complete woman, not just because your beautiful, you´re talented...
    My questions are:
    ~How long do you wait to retouch your color hair?
    ~How could you describe the real love?
    ~What kind of exercise do you do?
    ~How many languages do you speak?

    Love you! I follow you on Instagram as @clau_metalhead , on Twitter and Fb too.

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  8. Hello, Simone!

    You are very talented , a complete artist! I want to know his other skills : what is your academic background , which he studied in college, speaks many languages ​​?

  9. Simone How do yo define your style ?

  10. She speaks german,English and Dutch

  11. What exercise do you do after the pregnancy ?

  12. Thanks Jennifer, I imagined it but I had my doubts about it. :)

  13. You are welcome Claudia ;)