LORAC Unzipped Palette

by 10.11.14

Lorac is known for their Pro Palettes and the Unzipped Palette. They are highly hyped palettes in the beauty scene. It took me quite a while to get my hands on one. When I was in New York earlier this year I went to a Sephora and it turns out that they only sell Lorac nowadays at Ulta.

When I found out that amazon.com also ships to Europe I ordered my Lorac Palettes. Today I want to show you the Unzipped Palette. The Pro Palettes will be featured in a separate post.

The Unzipped palette contains ten eyeshadows. Three are matte, one semi matt and the rest are shimmer/metallic eyeshadows. A nice mix between cool and warm shades to compliment every eye color. I am a huge fan of the color range and already had a go with it.

They are super pigmented and blend out like a dream. On the lower pictures I am wearing Undercover as a base, Unreal and Unbelievable on the lid. In the crease Unspoken and Unbridled. On my lower lash line a dash of Unbridled. I find the look very wearable and perfect for day time, but you can of course amp it up more.

Let me know if you'd like to see an intense look created with the Unzipped Palette in the comments.

A closer look at these gorgeous colors.

  • Undercover: Semi-matte cream
  • Unbelievable: Metallic coppery bronze
  • Unattainable: Metallic dark bronze with a red undertone
  • Unconditional: Matte taupe
  • Unbridled: Matte dark burgundy brown
  • Undiscovered: Metallic gold
  • Unreal: Metallic rose gold
  • Uncensored: Metallic brown
  • Unspoken: Matte medium brown
  • Untamed: Pearly dark brown with red undertones

The palette packaging is nice and sleek. It is very light weight and has a small mirror. Perfect for traveling if you ask me.


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  1. Julia Stopczyk10.11.14

    Yay, it would be awesome to see this :)

  2. Rebekah10.11.14

    I would love to see these colors with more intensity! The subtle look is gorgeous though, perfect for the day time.

    Great post, as always.


  3. This beautiful color palette, and I was very nice (well, as always) ^_^

  4. Great palette, I think the colors suit you very well!

  5. Make up Addict10.11.14

    Nice one, I am waiting for the mega pro :). A perfume post could be nice too :)

  6. Diego Balarezo10.11.14

    For my Birthday new Pics ;)

  7. Ana Dobrota10.11.14

    Of course :)

  8. Beautiful, I love it :) please do a make up for the night

  9. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė11.11.14

    Great colors! Would love to see a more intense look with these :)

    I personally am a huge fan of MUA palettes, they are sold here in the UK at Superdrug and are SUPER CHEAP (4 pounds a palette, I know, crazy!). The shadows are also sold as separates for a pound each (quite a lot of shadow there). They're the best drugstore shadows I've ever tried, honestly. Such a good quality for not a lot of money at all. :)

    Btw, your hair looks darker, did you change shades? Great autumnal tone, love it :)


  10. Jesi D13.11.14

    It is really lovely.
    Working as an ingeneer I can't put a lot of colors in my makeup :'( and only I can wear neutral colors, so this palette is perfect for me.
    Thanks again for the make up tip, I will search for it in my country.
    Besitos <(^x^)>

  11. Joan Avant23.11.14

    Nice! I've used a few Lorac products. They've got a great liquid
    eyeliner pen called Front of the Line Pro. It's easy and precise to
    use. And I love Ulta! They've got the high end and lower end cosmetics
    all in one store. Pretty cool.