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Last Tuesday I was in Berlin for a special L'Oréal event. There was not much information about what was going to be revealed, just a small video that we were sent a while back. We all thought that it might be some beauty app, but weren't 100% sure.

I arrived in Berlin around the afternoon via Airberlin. The little chocolate hearts are always a nice way to end a flight. The first bloggers that I met were Innen und Aussen and Der blasse Schimmer. Both really lovely ladies. During our taxi trip to the hotel we were exchanging stories about our cats and dogs.

After checking in at the Q Hotel I met up with a friend to have lunch at a cute cafe nearby. Around 16.00 we all gathered at the lobby of the hotel and took a taxi van to Berliner Freiheit where the event was hosted. We were greeted with a nice glass of bubbles and finger food. After greetings most of the bloggers/vloggers, we all sat down for the presentation.

Our suspicions were right, this night was the introduction of MAKE UP GENIUS, the ultimate make up simulator app for your phone and tablet. It is not just any make up app, it's technology is originated from the Hollywood movie studios and 3D video games. Doesn't that sound very interesting?

A special guest was introduced to show us how the app works. We heard that Lena Meyer-Landrut was in Berlin and guessed we would be seeing her. Lucky me to meet another singer that also loves her make up. She was funny and sweet. She even made the guys try out the app (so did I at home).

How does it work: First you scan your face. That takes about 1 second. After that you can try out products or even the complete look. You can make photos and videos and share them online.

I love the idea and was impressed how well it worked! Another great thing is that you don't have to worry about hygiene when you try it out. Testers in shops can be really gross, so this is a huge plus as well.

The app is available in Germany and the States. Other countries will follow.

More info at: MAKE UP GENIUS

I had a great time in Berlin, met some lovely people and want to thank L'Oréal for inviting me.
Some of the bloggers/vloggers that were there:

Keep an eye out on the blog, because I have a little Christmas present from L'Oréal to give away that is coming on SmoonStyle in the upcoming days.


She is so cute!
Me in action
Trying out the app with a very flattering pose...
Me, Ebru and Chrissy
Me, Ebru, Chrissy and Jasmin
Me, Ebru, Hatice, Chrissy and Jasmin
001, 408, 843, top coat. Perfect for the holidays!

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  1. Ana Dobrota13.12.14

    Lovely photos! The App seems very interesting :)

  2. Julia Stopczyk13.12.14

    It looks that it was very interesting event. ;) Great photos! I'm curious how Oliver looked when you tried this app on him :D

  3. *--* woww me encanta el maquillaje de loreal :D

  4. Adorable pictures! very cute!
    I love that you can go to bloggers events! I wish you could come to one here in Argentina. But I have my VIP ticket for the show and for me will be like a recital and bloggers metting! haha I'm so excited ^ - ^


  5. Oriana14.12.14

    Very interesting app! This could completely change the way of try the products.
    There is not always a make-up artist at the corner to check that the products are used properly, and some testers are really in unhygienic conditions.

    If this app really works as well as it seems, would help a lot!

  6. Can't wait to try this app :)

  7. Simone, God, I can not believe how beautiful you are. Let me say that I really love this kind of postings where you display on events and more on topics related to your blog. All L' oreal line is excellence in what concerns to beauty. You should convene for advertising their products in Europe.
    I long to see you next to Epica the March 13 here in Argentina .

  8. Monalisa16.12.14

    Very funny pics!
    Do you use a Canon? That's awesome! :-)

  9. Fabiana22.12.14

    The app seems to be really interesting. Nice pictures, you are the most beautiful lady among all of them. Take care. :)

  10. This app has already been available in France for a while (us lucky French girls :) ), absolutely love it!
    But the funniest thing is to do it with your male friends!!! I got hilarious photos of my boyfriend wearing make up!!

  11. kenan kenan4.1.15

    Simone pictures