Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chit Chat #1 - Hugging the Floor

You guys have told me that you love the more 'talking' posts, so this one will be filled with what's in my brain. I will be calling it Chit Chat and I hope you all will like it!

Yesterday was a day filled with clumsiness. I fell really hard inside my house. It must have looked hilarious, but my ankle hurts and that is of course not funny. Now you must be asking yourself: How did it happen? Well, I was working on my computer, sitting at the table with my legs crossed. My lower right leg fell asleep. As I walked to the kitchen, after taking two steps, my house shoes made me trip and I fell on the floor like an accordion. I even managed to put down my phone and glass on the floor. When Oliver came down he was surprised that even though I fell, I managed to save my phone and the glass that I was holding. How I would have loved to see a video of this 'Misses Bean' moment!

Because my lower leg was numb, I didn't feel any pain, but my ankle snapped a couple of times before I was on the ground. I was scared that I really damaged my ankle and thought about the upcoming tour. I stayed on the floor for a couple of minutes to regain my sanity. I was quite shocked and terrified that something was really damaged.

Oliver helped me get up and took off my house shoes. I felt nauseous and was shaking a bit. After a glass of water I felt better. I tried to step on my foot and it felt 'pulled' and loose. It didn't hurt luckily. Stupid me didn't cool it. I had to cook and clean the house and take care of V. Oliver had to go to work.

By the end of the evening I took off my socks and boom! Granny ankle! Almost as big as at the end of my pregnancy. It also started to hurt more and more. During the night I put a pillow under my foot to lift it a bit and as I am typing this now (the next morning), a nice icepack is lying on my ankle. I should have done that yesterday, but mom's can't rest until the baby is asleep. 

Have any of you ever made a silly fall? Let me know in the comments!


The program I use to edit my pictures is The little light effects are Light Leak. Feeling Christmassy already :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

LORAC Unzipped Palette

Lorac is known for their Pro Palettes and the Unzipped Palette. They are highly hyped palettes in the beauty scene. It took me quite a while to get my hands on one. When I was in New York earlier this year I went to a Sephora and it turns out that they only sell Lorac nowadays at Ulta.

When I found out that also ships to Europe I ordered my Lorac Palettes. Today I want to show you the Unzipped Palette. The Pro Palettes will be featured in a separate post.

The Unzipped palette contains ten eyeshadows. Three are matte, one semi matt and the rest are shimmer/metallic eyeshadows. A nice mix between cool and warm shades to compliment every eye color. I am a huge fan of the color range and already had a go with it.

They are super pigmented and blend out like a dream. On the lower pictures I am wearing Undercover as a base, Unreal and Unbelievable on the lid. In the crease Unspoken and Unbridled. On my lower lash line a dash of Unbridled. I find the look very wearable and perfect for day time, but you can of course amp it up more.

Let me know if you'd like to see an intense look created with the Unzipped Palette in the comments.

A closer look at these gorgeous colors.

  • Undercover: Semi-matte cream
  • Unbelievable: Metallic coppery bronze
  • Unattainable: Metallic dark bronze with a red undertone
  • Unconditional: Matte taupe
  • Unbridled: Matte dark burgundy brown
  • Undiscovered: Metallic gold
  • Unreal: Metallic rose gold
  • Uncensored: Metallic brown
  • Unspoken: Matte medium brown
  • Untamed: Pearly dark brown with red undertones

The palette packaging is nice and sleek. It is very light weight and has a small mirror. Perfect for traveling if you ask me.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beauty Bin #8

There have been quite some empty bottles accumulating in my BB drawer and I just had to empty it and create a blog post for the Beauty Bin Section. 

Let's go!

Nivea Creme Care shower creme
The reason why I mainly love this is the scent. It smells just like the blue tin creme that they have since the beginning of Nivea. Oliver uses that creme, so you get my point. ;) A good shower gel that smells lovely!

Dove Pistachio shower creme
Dove is my favorite shower brand. Whenever a new scent comes out, it will end up with me in the shower. This smells so luxurious and really hydrates my skin. A great plus is that they are inexpensive, at least here in Germany.

Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo
They don't make these anymore. I hate it when they do that! Redken carries a new line that is called Curvaceous and my hairdresser told me that their customers liked the old version better. That sucks for me, because that was my favorite shampoo. 

Redken Smooth Down shampoo
On to my second favorite shampoo from Redken. I have half wavy, straight and slightly frizzy hair so this is perfect for me. I do need a little silicone in my hair to keep in under control and this shampoo does that beautifully.

Babylove 'Gute Nacht' Lotion
The scent is divine! It smells like lavender, but not like granny style. I included it in my BB because I also used it. Don't tell Vincent.

Balea Soft Oil Balm
My favorite body lotion, still is and will probably be for a long time. And they lived happily ever after :)

MAC Brush Cleanser
I was hoping to find a cheaper dupe for this, but failed. I am currently trying the brush cleanser from Hema, but it is not the same. MAC really cleans the brushes, doesn't have a strong perfume and doesn't feel oily. Will have to get a new one soon.

Nivea 3 in 1 cleaning fluid for sensitive skin
I was curious when I saw it and had to test it out. My favorite was the Bioderma and after trying the one from L'Oreal, I have to say that Bioderma does work the best for me. Ordered two new big Bioderma Sensibios. 

Nivea Soft and Intensive Hand Lotion
Already am using my second one. I love using this at night to really give my hands a treat after all that washing and cleaning. It has a nice texture and really hydrates my dry hands. It also feels comfortable on the hands and doesn't leave a sticky layer. It smells great too! 

Manhattan Endless Stay make up 62 Porcelain
One of my favorite drugstore foundations. It has medium to full coverage and lasts all day. They don't come in a big range of colors, but 62 Porcelain is a good mix for me (I am NC20 in MAC). However, it is a bit on the grey side, so I mix it with a warmer foundation. At the moment I am testing out another foundation from Manhattan. It is the Powder Mat Make Up in 80 Sand. A really lovely foundation, but full of silicone unfortunately. It has great coverage and also lasts really well. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to have silicone in your foundation. I find that it feels quite comfortable on the skin though.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner
A great primer for combo skin. It mattifies the skin, and makes the pore appear smaller. It doesn't make the disappear. No product does that, let's be honest. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
Another great product that has been taken of the market. I love this for brightening the under eye area and to highlight the face. It is not a full coverage concealer, so don't expect those grey bags to magically vanish. For highlighting it is great!

Rituals Qi Gong deo stick
After hearing so many people raving about this deodorant, I had to get it myself. I normally don't spend almost €10 for a deo, simply because I find that too expensive. Rituals do always seem to convince me with their divine smelling products. The Tao Collection is my favorite scent and I already own the deo spray from this line. The deo stick was ok, not a miracle working and unfortunately also leaving stripes in my clothes. Will not buy this again.

Balea Volume Shampoo
A super inexpensive shampoo that works ok. When you have long and heavy hair, it is hard to create volume in it. It is free of silicone so that must be a plus to many of you. Another plus is that it still made my hair shine, even though the silicone is mostly the reason for that. The scent was very delicate and doesn't last long on the hair, but that is ok. Will buy this one again soon.

So, my question to you: Would you like me to continue with the Beauty Bins?