Face of the Day with ZOEVA Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

by 30.3.15

Zoeva really hit the mark with their new eyeshadow palette. Colors infused with rose gold. Totally up my make up alley!

I made a day time look for you with a copper eye liner. Lipstick is MAC Cosmetics 'Fashion Revival'.
On the cheeks I am wearing Zoeva Luxe Color Blush in 'Last Love', which is one of my all time favorite blushes and I carry with me when I go on tour.

On the eyes I am wearing 'Copper is King' as an eyeliner. I wet the brush a bit to get more color intensity. On the entire lid I applied 'Reflective Elegance' and blended it with a bit of 'Luster' and 'Shining Bright'.

Do any of you own ZOEVA eyeshadow palettes? They only cost €17,50

The pigmentation is ok, the only two that don't really work so well are Harmony and Wonder Full.
In the pan they look different to when they are watched. I think it is because of the red bronze palette packaging. It clashes a bit with the eyeshadows.

I love all the colors! When Urban Decay released their Naked 3, I was hoping for the colors to be warm toned, but they are mostly cool. Zoeva did a great job!
Luster, Reflective Elegance, Copper is King, Shining Bright, Rusty Petals

Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmony, Wonder Full


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  1. Scratching the map30.3.15

    I really like the colors of this palette, but I already have so many palettes! From this brand I really like the (eye) brushes! I use them all the time when I do my eye makeup!

  2. Paula Desiree30.3.15

    Just amazing! you always know how to combine colors and create stunning looks! besides being an excellent singer also you are a professional makeup artist! Congrats! :)

    Love to Smoonstyle forever, and ever ♫ ❤

  3. you look so beautiful with this make up ! as always.
    i can't wait to see you perform at Hellfest. I am hoping I'll be in the first row ;)
    love you ♡ best wishes

  4. Alessandra31.3.15

    Hi Simone! Years ago I bought a Zoeva palette with more than 80 colours, unfortunately the quality is pretty bad and I use these eyeshadows only when I don't stay out all day... I hope Zoeva improved the quality of the shadows, these ones you own seem better than mine.
    Hope they last all day without going around :3

  5. Tal Peleg31.3.15

    This makeup look is just amazing, and it looks so fresh and elegant on you. The colors of the eyeshadows are my favorite (and overall amazing for blue eyes), and the lipstick is perfect.
    Have you tried Colourpop lipsticks? you should try them out in your next visit in the US :) Amazing colors.

  6. Ignacia Fernandez31.3.15

    South America Enigma chit chat? no? :( it's been a while since your last chit chat post.

  7. Thaís2.4.15

    What do you do to maintain your hair color? Mine fades to blond in 3 weeks! ;(

  8. Nimedhel3.4.15

    I've never bought any Zoeva products, but I think I might order this palette, it's just so beautiful!

  9. Anissa .9.4.15

    You look gorgeous! I love rose gold and this palette looks perfect I need to put a hand on it!

  10. Diana13.4.15

    Hello!! I would one day do a hair blog. It would be great