by 10.4.16

A lovely tag is going around the YouTube world that I wanted to jump in on. This is my very first tag that I'm participating in, even though I'm not tagged. Does that even count? Hehe!

The whole idea was started by the very charismatic Sharon Farrell on YouTube. The tag goes by the name #SOCIALPOSITIVITY, spreading good vibes around YouTube and the Internet. I quit YT back in the day because I underestimated the time that goes into making a video. Respect for those who do what they do! Since I am not on YouTube, I do it via my blog.

The rule is that you pick two people. I adore more than two people on the internet, let alone YT, but if I have to choose: I tag Dulce Delight (Raiza Costa) and Jeffree Star to spread the love as well.

Raiza is just a pleasure to watch, and her creativity and editing skills make my day and stomach very happy!

 Jeffree, he is one of the few YouTubers besides Raiza that really make me laugh. I love a little (or in his case, a lot) of dirty jokes. I can handle and appreciate them. He is very open about his life and very fearless at it! I ordered some of his liquid lipsticks and they shipped within half an hour of placing my order. Very excited to wear them!

Go stalk them to let them know I tagged them, and spread some digital love yourself!


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