Pat Mcgrath - Skin Fetish 003

by 31.7.16

Hyped highlighters are everywhere. Since I got in touch with highlighters, they became one of my favorite make up products. First of all to get that glow, but second because it is a great multi task product.

Pat Mcgrath is a renowned make up artist that is respected by her colleagues as well as her fans. She is a true artist which isn't afraid to come up with unique creations. She works for runways, editorial, celebrity, you name it! When she announced her Skin Fetish line, I was excited to find out if these live up to the hype. 

There are two editions, the gold and the nude. Both come in a package filled with sequins. 
For $72 you get a powder highlighter, a duo highlighter and balm stick and a duo fibre buffer brush (the brush is made in Japan). This makes the price reasonable. A make up junkie will buy it anyway.
You have to bare in mind that customs will also be added, so it is more pricey than the $72.

After playing around with these highlighters, I can say that I am not the biggest fan of these. Funny enough, I talked to Linda Hallberg and she told me that she loved these. 

I can work with the powder highlighters, but the brush nor the duo stick do much for me. I couldn't get the highlighter stick to work. I've put it on top of the creme foundation, and it turned out all patchy. For me it would only work on the body where there is no foundation. 

The gold highlighting powder is really yellow and the nude highlighting powder too pink. 
The sticks are a bit muted and the nude one resembles Benefits Watt's Up a lot. However, I own a highlighter stick from Kiko that I like much more. 
The balm is replaceable as well. You can use vaseline to achieve the same effect. 

I've worn the nude powder highlighter on top of a dark lipstick in the Universal Death Squad video.
The golden powder highlighter you will see in another video that isn't released yet.

All in all it is not worth the money. The packaging is fun with all the sequins. I did find a good way to use those. These colors just don't work for me when I want to achieve a day time look. For more editorial looks, I can use them. The actual packaging of the products is nothing fancy. It is lightweight, which is a plus for traveling.

Do any of you have these highlighters?

Only used the powder highlighter
On top of a dark lipstick

The swatches: The highlighter stick, the gloss, the powder, the powder on top of the highlighter, the powder on top of the balm. The first row is in the shadow, the second in direct sunlight.


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