Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 3

by 9.8.16

If you are looking for a great alternative to expensive make up brushes, Zoeva has your back. My all time favorite blending brush is the 227 soft definer. I need more of them to exchange all the 217 from MAC. Yes, I said it...

A new set is on the market. The lovely Rose Golden series has a new set: Vol.3. It consists of 8 brushes for the face and eyes. They come with a clutch that you can use for whatever you like. It is great to put the brushes in, but I like to put my eye shadow palettes in there when I travel. Like this they have that extra bit of protection from breakage.

The design is really beautiful. The rose golden handles are a sight for sore eyes. They are real eye catchers and can be distracting while applying your make up.

My favorites out of this set are the Fan Brush, the Face Focus and the Concealer. Never limit yourself to using the brushes according their name. I like to use the Concealer brush to apply creme eye shadow as well, the smoky shader for highlighter.

Another new item in the Zoeva family is the rose golden blush palette. Three shades to blush, highlight, and contour. For me they are also eye shadows – a great multi-tasking product with a sleek packaging, suitable for traveling.

Zoeva is now also available in German stores. On the website you can see which Douglas shops also carry Zoeva. Like this, you can swatch the colors and test the brushes.

Do any of you own Zoeva? Their cocoa blend palette is a must! I always have it with me when I am traveling.

The complete set
Close up
Top to Bottom: 109 Face Paint Vegan, 103 Defined Buffer, 142 Concealer Brush
Top to Bottom: 114 Luxe Face Focus, 129 Luxe Fan
Top to Bottom: 317 Wing Liner, 228 Luxe Crease, 234 Luxe Smoky Shader
Rose Golden Blush Palette
Palace Door, Glowing Still, Heavy Crown


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