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by 20.10.16

My heart did beat a little faster when I saw that Sam Chapman had this cute little card with all nifty things in it that are great for traveling. On to the online shops I went and got myself a Swisscard Classic from Victorinox*. Half of all my kitchen knives are by Victorinox. They are sharp and sometimes gave me a involuntary nail trim. ;)

This is a mini multi-tool has been with me ever since I bought it. I only can't forget to put it in my suitcase and not my hand luggage, otherwise it will be taken away from me when I fly. It consists out of 10 tools; a letter opener (mini knife), scissors, stainless steel pin, nail file with screwdriver end, tweezers, toothpick, ballpoint pen, ruler in cm and one on the back in inches.

My favorite tools are the letter opener and the scissors. The only thing I would prefer is a glass nail file than the one that is included in this kit. However, then the screwdriver would be gone and that might come in handy one day.

The quality and price (around €27) are unbeatable. They come in various colors and also different tools, like nail care etc. It would make a great gift for someone that likes the convenience of having a super light multi tool with them on the go. It would fit into a wallet, however I won a Secrid and there is no room for it. It stays in my make up bag.

When we were signing The Holographic Principle, I used the letter opener to get the cellophane of the CDs. It made the signing session a lot easier. There were a lot of CD's to sign.

Overall I am really content with the Swisscard. Thanks to Sam for showing it in one of her videos! It was the video with Lilly Pebbles (What's in my Make Up Bag). Funny enough I was most excited about the Swisscard than all the make up.

Get your Swisscard here:

*not sponsored

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