Ice Pops

by 11.7.17

It is time for something refreshing! Lately, I haven't been in the mood to bake or cook. Ice cream and ice pops have been getting my full attention. We get so many lovely fruits in this season and they are perfect ingredients to keep our heads cool during the tropical summer days we've been experiencing.

By making your own ice pops, you can control the ingredients and make sure that you and the ones you share this treat with, are not eating junk. It is also really fun to experiment with different flavors and just mix and match to your hearts desire. 

The four flavors the I made were inspired by the ice pop molds that I bought from Tschibo. They are four silicon molds with a lid. They remind me of Calippo ice pops. Only those are full with sugar and a lot of things you don't want your little ones to eat.

To make these all you need is some ingredients and a little standing mixer.

Tropical Yellow: Fresh orange juice, pineapple, and vanilla sugar.
Minty Pink: Watermelon, mint leaves, and a tiny amount of mint extract.
Red Vanilla: Fresh strawberries, and a little bit of vanilla sugar.
Mojito Blue: Lime juice, green apple, and a tiny amount of mint extract. To make mine more green, I added a little bit of green food coloring. This is optional. 

I made the mistake of not juicing the green apple. I had to push it all through a sieve and things got messy. 

From all the flavors the strawberry one was the best. I will try out more flavors some other time. My drawers are filled with fun ice pop molds. The size of these molds are a bit too big to enjoy without getting an ice belly. We did go a little crazy and had to try all the flavors that Vincent and I made. He is a great helper and loves to be in the kitchen with me.

What are your favorite ice pop flavors? Please share your recipes in the comments!

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  1. Hi Simone, thank you for the wonderful tip, here in Fortaleza-Ce in Brazil the heat is intense, your tip came at a great time, I will share with my friends and family. kiss for you!

  2. Leuke post! Aardbeien blauwe bes is hier favoriet en appel peer! Mijn dochter van 10 is altijd aan het experimenteren met ijs en slushpuppies! Heb je al eens een slush puppy maker geprobeerd die is makkelijk voor kids en echt leuk! Werkt ook echt! Dan inderdaad geen chemische toestanden maar verantwoord ijs :)

  3. Hi Simone... The ice pops look so yummy and refreshing! I wish I had one too 'cause here in my country is soooo hot with high humidity! Thank you for giving us the ingredients, I will try to make them! 😊 Take care...kisses 😘

  4. Mix strawberry and maple syrup (like if you were dressing a salad) let it stand so the strawberry loose some juice, blendit and frozen. Mi girls love it!