Smells like Smoonstyle #8 Creme de Nude - Shadescent

by 12.12.17

Inspired by MAC Cosmetics cult lipsticks, five scents were made. Creme de Nude appealed to me the most. During the beginning of the European tour I went to a MAC store and decided to finally buy it. I have been tempted to get this scent a couple of times, but always refrained. This time I had my pro card with me and that meant 30% off the normal price. They only had one of the Creme de Nude Shadescents left. That probably means that it is a popular.

A friend of mine is extremely talented when it comes to describing scents. I am not so I will copy what is written on the website: "A scent capturing the vibrant sexiness of clean, radiant, glowing skin through a cocoon of velvet musk."

A mouthful, but it does describe the character of the perfume. It has a warm, fuzzy feel to it, like wearing a warm jumper.

I have been wearing this perfume almost all the time from the moment I purchased it. When I wear it now, it takes me back to the great memories that I gathered during our tour with Myrath and Vuur.

Did any of you try the shade scents?

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  1. Amazing!!! 😊 No I didn't try the shade scents but when I'll go to a MAC store definitely I will try them...