Birthday Bakes

by 16.3.18

Vincent's 4th birthday was already 4 months ago, but I thought I'd still share with you the delicious treats that I made.

We decided that the theme of the party would be 'Pirates'. All boys of his age love anything pirate-related. I went online to buy anything pirate-related. Stickers, table cloth, puzzles, wrist bands, etc. Balloons with confetti, I thought they were a good idea. Well, let me tell you that I still find those pesky little confetti pieces whenever I hoover through the house.

Now on to the baking. I turned to Pinterest. You can find so many cute ideas on there. Whenever I don't know what to do, Pinterest always comes to the rescue.

The Smarty Fish Cake

• Ingredients for your favourite pound cake
• Two bags of the bigger smarty tins
• Dark chocolate (or that of your preference)
• Decoration eyes

You can take whichever vanilla or even chocolate cake recipe you like. I used a buttermilk pound cake recipe from Cooking with April. Bake it in a round baking tin. I baked the remaining batter in a rectangle baking tin and used that as a stand for the Cookie Pirates.

When it has cooled down completely, you cut out a small triangle and place it as a fish tale. It is so simple, but so genius! Coat it with molten chocolate of your choice and decorate with smarties. Done!

The Cookie Pirates

• 6-8 Oreo cookies
• Cake pop sticks
• White chocolate
• Decoration sprinkles
• Decoration eyes

For the cookie pirates I took plain old Oreos. Gently open up the Oreo cake and dip the sticks in molten white chocolate. Close the cookies again and wait for the chocolate to harden. Coat them completely with white chocolate and decorate to your liking. I placed them in the fridge to cool down even more.

Vincent couldn't wait to eat a cookie pirate. The fish remained kind of untouched and was mainly eaten by Oliver and me. All the kids want to do is play. At the end of the party, I made some poffertjes with home made apple sauce. They devoured it!

Hope you like the baking ideas!

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