Impressions of Lake Garda

by 29.5.18

Looking at these pictures brings back lovely memories.

Lake Garda has it all, from the many cafes, restaurants, ice cream and souvenir shops. You are sure to feast your eyes and fill your tummy. The mountains, the water, and the many tourists, myself and my boys included.

We stayed five days at a lovely hotel in Limone. It was spontaneous decision to book a mini holiday. Instead of flying, we took our car and took our own pillows with us. The drive to Limone went really smooth. From Stuttgart it took us only 6 hours. The way back a little longer, more like 9 hours...

In this little photo series I will show you my favourite ice cream shop, restaurant and much more. We did a lot of sight seeing, took boat trips and walked up an down the hills many times. The weather was very unpredictable, but we packed well enough to make sure we were prepared for the rain and time at the pool.

I almost spend a fortune at the souvenir shops, but managed to take the bare minimum. Oliver and I both love Limoncello, so we also brought some home with us for our family and friends.

Souvenir shopping!
The best ice cream shop in Limone. I recommend the flavour 'Mint'.
We had dinner here twice because we love this place so much.
Our favorite from the menu: Tomino Cheese in Filou crust. Divine!!!
Coffee with a view.
Last night before going home.

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