- LES CHOCOLATES - Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - L'Oréal

by 11.10.18

L'Oréal recently released 'Les Chocolates' which are chocolate scented liquid lipsticks and I tried tested them for you.
There are nine shades that vary from a beige nude to mauve pinks to reds and to browns. I am sure there is a color here for everyones taste.

Tasty Ruby caught my eye, because I love to wear a nice red every once in a while. The mauve and pinks I didn't swatch on my lips, because with my hair and skin tone they won't look nice. Besides that I don't know why they are included in a chocolate themed Limited Edition.

They do smell like chocolate. It is not overpowering, nor very artificial. I prefer lip products to not have a strong scent to them, but I can live with that. The scent goes away quickly once applied on the lips.

I can tell you that they are very long-wearing.  I wore the Tasty Ruby for a couple of hours, had dinner and I tell you it didn't move!

Overall conclusion:

+ Long Lasting
+ Comfortable
+ Opaque, great pigmentation

- Shade range
- Need to use a lip brush for precise application

Right after application and still wet.


My two favorite colors from these are Tasty Ruby and 70%Yum.

864 Tasty Ruby

856 70% Yum
*Pr Samples

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