Men's Clothes

by 30.10.19

The blouse that I am wearing in Pauline's photos is from the C&A mens department. Heile brought it with him for the Martyr of the Free Word video shoot. You can see me wear it during the scenes where half of my face is covered in white makeup. 

There is something really sexy about woman wearing an oversized white blouse. After the shoot I asked him if I could keep it and he said yes ;) Since I liked it so much, I decided to take it with me to the Paris Fashion Week. 

Sometimes, I shop at the mens clothes department. In autumn- and wintertime I like to wear oversized sweaters. They are just extra cozy and I feel great wearing them. 
Why should we feel constricted to only shop at the women department and vice versa? If you see something you like, get it and wear it with pride. 

Do any of you also shop at the mens department? 

Outfit Details

Coat - Mango (still in stores)
Blouse - C&A (mens department)
Trousers - Opus (the same I am wearing in my Banana Shirt Post)
Shoes - Black Pumps from Pinko (photo coming asap)

Merci Pauline pour les magnifiques photos!

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