Luxurious Look featuring Tom Ford and Lisa Eldridge

by 12.12.19

Oops, I did it again. After being so in love with Lisa's Velvet Morning, I decided to get more.
A new range with beautiful nudes was released and in a moment of weakness, I ordered two new gorgeous nudes. Velvet Fawn and Velvet Muse. They do look quite similar in real life and and on the photos, however, Velvet Fawn is much lighter and more nude than VM. VM has a touch of a terra-cotta red.

I had to restrain myself from using them before properly taking photos. Don't they look stunning?
So happy that I did make the splurge and got these babies. It is not the only splurge that I did.
A luxurious item that I have been eyeing for a while is a cream and powder eyeshadow 'Naked Bronze' from Tom Ford. When I was at a Sephora in Paris, I swatched a lot of products and decided to wait to buy until I would have a good online discount code.

The price is insane (€53,99), but you are definitely paying for the impeccable quality, instead of just for the brands name. Douglas had a 20% discount code, so I paid €43 in the end.
It still is a lot of money, but you get a lot of product that will last you a really long time.

The cream shade is so smooth and gorgeous on its own. When you top it off with the glitter powder eyeshadow, your look is complete. On my complexion it looked a bit cool. To warm it up a bit, I took a Real Technique Setting Brush and added bit of L'Oréal  Glam Beige in Medium/Light. That did the trick and tied the look together.

My choice of lipstick was Velvet Fawn. After I applied it, I defined the edges with a lip brush and also slightly overdrew my lips. This lipstick is long lasting, without drying out the lips.
Each morning, I always apply some lip balm in the beginning of my get ready proces. Like this the lips are nice and hydrated and ready to rock a matte lipstick.

What are your beauty splurges? What are your most expensive make up products, and are they worth the price? Let me know in the comments! has a 20% discount code that is still valid today! Minimum order €59.
The images of the products are switched on the website fyi ;)

Velvet Muse and Velvet Fawn

A close up on how the 'velvet' look is created.

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