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by 5.2.20

Yesterday the door bell rang and I got a lovely parcel from Natasha Denona*  I had to be fast to take photos of the new LOVE collection before I would create a look with it. The lipgloss I already tried and didn't see it was flipped. It is lying in the write box, though ;) 

The new LOVE collection consists out of an eyeshadow palette with 15 colours, the LOVE GLOW cheek palette and three Lip- Ophoria Gloss and Balm. The Lip-Ophoria glosses are new and also limited edition. They are very moisturising, plump your lips and are refreshing because they contain peppermint oil. 

Can we talk about the LOVE GLOW cheek palette packaging? I am not a girly girl, but I do love holographic glitter and the packaging is just mesmerising! It unleashed my inner magpie that loves all things sparkly and shiny.

Before I bore you with my swatches, I'd like to direct you to Natasha Denonas website where you can find pristine swatches of the Love collection LOVE COLLECTION

For my eye look I started with 'Soul' in the crease. I deepened the crease with 'Heartbeat' and 'Heart'. I used a brown liner and topped it off with 'Commitment'. For the lower lash line I used 'Passion' and blended it with 'Soul'. On the mobile lid I used 'First'.

On my cheeks I am wearing the 'Glow Cream Base' and the 'Glow Impact Powder'.

The LOVE collection is now available online. Just in time for Valentine's Day ;)

Available here: NATASHA DENONA *

*PR Sample

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