Smells Like Smoonstyle #12 ALIVE - Hugo Boss

by 26.4.20

While I was enjoying the sun on my balcony, accompanied by some magazines and a Radler, I came across a new perfume add that had a little sample on it. My curiosity is always very strong, even though I have found my perfect perfume long ago.

Perfume can be like a time machine. A warm blanket that takes you back and makes you relive memories or make people that you hold dear feel close.

The new perfume from Hugo Boss 'ALIVE' made me go back in time as soon as I smelled it. Even though it is a new scent, it triggered a lot of memories that I have created with the lovely people that I got to know through all the amazing events that I attended with L'Oréal.

On Perfume Master you can check out the notes that are inside 'ALIVE' . Vincent loves it too. Every time I would open the magazine, he would ask me to let him smell the perfume.

We all know that this year is looking rather gloomy when it comes to concerts and events in general.
I treasure all the incredible memories and the people that are enclosed in those memories. They will keep me going during this challenging times.

We all live in a fast-paced world and now we have all been forced to slow down. Time to reflect and be thankful for what we have and have achieved in life so far. Take pleasure in the little things. Try to take it one day at a time and most of all be thankful to be alive. Better times will come. We just need to be patient.

What are the things you value most at this moment? I am curious, let me know in the comments!

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