Shades of Beige

by 17.11.20

Beige and camel and all the nuances in between have been THE trend colors of the spring of 2020. That doesn't mean that I can't wear it in autumn, right? ;) 

The trend is still going strong and that makes me really happy, because the clothing stores are filled with beige jumpers, sweaters, trousers, jackets and more. 

How do I rock the all beige look? Well, with a sweater dress of course! Beige trousers I like to stay away from, but like this, I still get the whole beige nude look that flatters my body shape the most. I like to combine it with my black coat from Mango (last year). 

Do you have any beige-colored garments in your closet? I am selling some of my clothing items that deserve a new home: I will be adding more items soon.

Have a look, maybe you'll see something that you might like. Unfortunately, shipping is only within Germany. 

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