Chit Chat #48 Cozy Homeoffice

by 7.12.20

This how I spend most of my time when I am online. On the couch, underneath my blanket, with my laptop. 

However, I do miss being on the road and the current situation sometimes gets the best of me.
Here is what I do to make myself feel better during the days where I am not feeling all that great:

1. I start my day with a large glass of water to wake up my body and get my metabolism going.
After my breakfast, I jump in the shower.
My all-time favorite shower oil is the Almond Shower Oil from L'Occitane. This has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have the 500ml version and always buy the refills. Like this you save plastic ;) I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased this shower oil. 

2. Next, I pick a cozy outfit. I love to wear the high waisted leggings from Les Lunes and an oversized sweater. Staying in my pajamas or bathing robe all day is very tempting, but I am less productive if I don't get dressed. 

3. It is the colder time of the year, which means that I drink more tea! 
My current favorite tea is a spicy chai with almond milk. So yummy! I love the Yogi tea and the Bengal Spice from Celestial Seasonings. 
My favorite almond milk is the Rewe Bio Mandeldrink. I also use this to make my cappuccinos.

4. This next step is not a must, but I love it! Apply some red lipstick. Even if I don't leave the house, I still like to get ready. This has the same effect as getting dressed for me. I feel more motivated to be productive and feel more put together. Going outside with masks has taken away the joy of applying lipstick, I mean, why bother? That is why, when I am at home I do apply lipstick and preferably also a bright one.
The lipstick I am wearing here is '346 Scarlet Silhouette from L'Oréal Paris'.

5. As tempting as it might be to stay in bed with my laptop, I choose the couch. I also sit a lot at our dinner table and my office. But the couch is a great alternative ;) I find it is a good compromise between the bed and the dinner table. A laptop is portable, so I can change my office during the day. I am used to be at different places every day, I don't like to be at the same spot ;)

How does your home office look like? Do you prefer to work from home, or on a different location?

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