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 'Break loose from the chains.
Rise above the waves.
Fighting in the darkness.
Dancing in the light.'

Our third single 'RIVERS' is finally released! It is one of my favorite songs from our upcoming new album 'OMEGA' and I love how the video turned out! It fits the song perfectly in my opinion. 

The video was recorded in October in a studio close to my house and some scenes were recorded in Belgium shortly before we had our press day in the Netherlands. 

Jens and I were the only ones in the studio. I had to do hair and make up and be my own stylist. I don't mind doing that at all. I enjoy the process of getting ready, playing with makeup and getting tangled between too many hair extensions. I suck at doing my own hair and am very limited. Thanks to Marino, I now have a little bit of experience with inserting hair extensions. 

As you can clearly tell, we went for the color blue. Blue dresses, blue makeup, and a bucket filled with water :)

Heile also came by to say hi and he helped with the water scenes. He was the one that was pouring down the water that is flowing between my hands. Fun fact is that we used warm water and it felt like someone was peeing in my hands haha! You don't see me laughing in the background, luckily ;)

I gathered all the blue makeup that I could find in my collection and played around a bit until I was happy with the right shade. This means layering many products to created depth.

My first look was a blue glitter liner. I gradually build up the look by adding more blue eyeshadow and eventually creating a blue unibrow with MAC Cosmetics 'Clarity'. 

If my memory serves me right the products that I used to create the look:

Urban Decay 'Moondust' palette 'Vega' 
Glitter Fever Liner L'Oréal (limited edition)
CYAN and BLACK Lip Mix from MAC
Glitter Kryolan 
BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis 'Hot Spring'
Natasha Denona 'Metropolis Palette'
Stila Magnificent Metals pressed eyeshadow 'Kitten'
Linda Hallberg 'Famous' Fantastick
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics 'Infinity Glass' 
Silver leaves flakes and lot's of eyelash glue 
Gypsy Shrine Glitters 'Dark Unicorn Chunky Glitter'
Eyelashes were gifted to me by Kika

For the last look where I went completely crazy with all the blues. I just took all the shades of blue eyeshadow that I could find and mixed them together with glitter using the Linda Hallberg Cosmetics 'Infinity Glass'. It was a nice bluey gooey mess in the makeup room.

We only had one chance to get the shot, because, with this amount of makeup that needed to be removed, it would have taken up a lot of time. Luckily we nailed it! We got the shot after the first take. 
Great teamwork with Jens!

After the last shot, it was time for me to take off the makeup and apply a more natural look before getting some sushi. The silver leaves flakes I glued onto my neck with eyelash glue didn't want to come off. 
I had dinner in the sushi restaurant, looking like a fish myself ;) 

Maybe if I find the time I can make a little video tutorial of the 'glitter eyeliner' and 'the blue unibrow'.  Let me know in the comments if you would like that :) 

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