Chit Chat #52 'The Skeleton Key' Part I

by 5.3.21

It has been one week since the release of Omega, our eight studio album.  With the release of the album, our fourth single 'The Skeleton Key' was also released. 

We are all overwhelmed with the positive response to our music and also ours videos. You guys are the best!

We shot the video in the same period as 'Abyss of Time', with the polish video production team Grupa 13. The Skeleton Key was the first video we shot and after that we recorded AOT. 

The scene in the bed looks so serene, but all I could think of was going to the toilet. My bladder was about to explode! The building was so huge and the whole team was ready to go, so I didn't dare to ask if I could use the bathroom... haha

Th last scenes that we shot, were with the beautiful owl. I don't remember the gender of the owl, but I do remember how heavy she/he was, (I will say she from now on). I should have done more weight lifting before this shoot ;) 

Her 'mommy' who had her since she was a baby was also there the whole time. In between takes, she would hold her and they cuddled with each other. 

The beautiful costumes were by Katarzyna Konieczka 

Make up was done by Olga Zieba I loved looking at what she had in her makeup kit. After the shoot I went to buy some items that she used for me, because I can never have enough makeup ;)

Face Masks band by Czarek

All photos are made by D.Szermanowicz 

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