German Drugstore HAUL

by 28.9.21


Who doesn't love the DM drugstores in Germany? You go in to be tampons, and you come out with a bag filled with everything but tampons, because you forgot to buy tampons and everything else.....

Yes, that is me! I took Elize to Stuttgart yesterday and she suggested going to a DM. I promise I didn't force her inside a DM, she wanted to get some goodies and I didn't leave the store empty handed, as you can see.

I bought some staples and some new stuff that I would love to try.
All of my Tangle Teezers are falling apart and can't handle my mane at the moment, so I thought it was time to get back to getting an old-fashioned hair brush. I need a heavy duty hair brush and I got this one for Oliver a while back, so I had to get one for myself as well ;)

Currently, I have been loving the Schaebens Koffein Power Eye Pads! I tried all of them, and these are my favourites. They also look really cool. I suprised the mail main a couple of times, wearing these haha!

Do you see anything that you would like to buy? Do you like Haul posts?



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