Dupe Alarm - Natasha Denona

by 15.12.21



It is no secret that some of my favourite eyeshadows are from Natasha Denona. Her eyeshadows are top notch quality. You pay quite a sum of money, but it is worth the cash. I have a collection of her eyeshadow palettes. Some of my favourites are the mini eyeshadow palettes. They are affordable and great for travelling! I have the mini star, the mini nude and the mini sunset

I have discovered a great dupe for her mini palettes! I came across the Catrice makeup counter and saw that they have almost identical dupes for €5. A Natasha Denona mini palette costs €25... 

Natasha Denona 'Mini Nude'

Catrice 'Warm Spice Look'

The quality is ok for the price. You can see my awesome swatches that the Catrice '5 in a box' have less color pay off. I have created a makeup look with the Catrice palette, and I must say that the pay off is good enough. I mean €5 is a bargain. You can buy 5 of these palettes instead of 1 Natasha Denona.

You can get Natasha Denona at Sephora and Catrice at any local drugstore. On Karins website, you can see more swatches of the other palettes. Innen Aussen

Have you tried any of the Catrice mini eyeshadow palettes? Or Natasha Denona? If you want to get the ND palettes, I recommend that you wait when it is Glamour Shopping Week in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. You can save 20% ;)

New Years Resolution is to have a no buy eyeshadow palette haha! Let's see if I can stick myself to that.
Are there any products that you always tell yourself to not buy anymore? 

I guess the beauty junkie in me always wins ;)


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