Favorite Makeup Brushes

by 28.3.22


If I had to pick only 10 makeup brushes, these are the ones that I would pick to create any makeup look. In reality, I own more than just these brushes, but these are definitely my Ride and Die. The ones that I take with me when I travel. 

I have accumulated many makeup brushes over the last two decades. Some have been with me since a long time. At the moment I rarely buy new brushes for myself. Only the ones that get so haggard from daily use like my foundation brush. Some of the brands that I like are Real Technique, It Cosmetics, Jacks Beauty Line and Zoeva.

Many makeup brushes have an official name, like foundation, blush, brows, concealer and so on. The great thing is that you can use them for many different tasks than the ones they got appointed to. 

1. My powder and foundation brush is from Real Techniques. It is officially a powder brush, but I use it for foundation as well ;) I start off with applying the foundation with my hands, then I use this brush to distribute the make up and last step is to use a makeup sponge. I love the one from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics. 

2. Concealer brush: Zoeva 146 Concealer Perfector 

This is perfect for applying concealer super quick with a full coverage effect. I love this brush!

3. Powder Blush Brush: Heavenly Luxe It Cosmetics 

I received this brush at an It Cosmetics event many years ago. It has SMOONSTYLE engraved on it :) Great to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Super soft vegan brush.

4. Cream Blush Brush: Real Technique 206 (mine was a limited edition color)

Real Techniques is super affordable and great quality. I love this for my cream blush application as well as liquid highlighter. It has the perfect size.

5. Eyeshadow Blending Brush: Zoeva 228 ( 2 times in the photo)

I own many of these brushes, because they are the best for getting a super blended look. Just slap on that eyeshadow, do the windshieldwiper motion and you are good to go :)

6. Angled Brush: Inglot 6 (yellow) and Louise Young 6.1

The Inglot brush has the right 'sharpness' and density to perfect my brows. The Louise Young brush is super old, but still works like a charm. I love angled brushes for my brows, but also to smudge liner or apply eyeshadow as a liner with it. Angled brushes are great multi-use brushes and I have many of them ;)

7. Little Crease Brush: Louise Young

This I love to use to apply powder eyeshadow underneath my eyes. 

8. Small Powder Brush: Jacks Beauty Line nr. 9

I love to use this to apply powder on smaller areas, like underneath my eyes. 


This might not have as many hairs left compared to when I just bought the brush, but it still works perfect for applying powder highlighter. Unfortunately, it still sheds hair whenever I clean it. 

10. Pointy Brush: Ici Paris XL

From all the makeup brushes that I own, this is one of the oldest one besides the MAC fan brush. It was gifted to me by a dear friend that is also a big makup lover. I love to use this to apply my inner corner highlight. 

What are your favorite makeup brush brands? Let me know in the comments!


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