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by 30.9.13

One of the most asked questions is how I take care of my hair.

Normally I wash them every second day. Sometimes I manage to squeeze in an extra day of not washing them, but then I use a dry shampoo, especially if I have to leave the house.

I am not the biggest fan of dry shampoos. I kind of like the clean feeling of freshly washed hair. Dry shampoo leaves a sticky film on the hair. It is great for tours when showers are missing. When you want volume in your hair for certain up do's it is great to give the hair structure. I however don't like that feeling and the fact that it makes the hair look dull. For me it is an emergency product, but not a favorite.

Besides shampoo I always use a conditioner and almost always a hair mask or hair treatment and a hair oil to protect the hair from any heating tools and frizzly bear look. Where I live there is a lot of limestone in the water and I need condition it more than when I would wash it with water that is clean of limestone.

Here are my current favorite hair food products:

Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo
My current shampoo and a long time favorite. This is a highly concentrated shampoo (it must have done well in school). A little goes a long way. The scent is divine. It leaves my hair super clean, without making it scrunchy. It feels volumized without feeling dirty like some volumizing shampoos tend to do. The coconut oil really conditions without making it greasy. It's perfect.

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner
A conditioner that I used last year and totally forgot about. However, we don't have this brand in Germany and the Netherlands. I ordered mine via and it was shipped from the UK. I paid way more for it than when I got it while I was in the US. It is not such an expensive conditioner. It does the job really well. I sometimes also just use this after I washed my hair and skip the hair mask. I do that whenever I am lazy and when my hair is in a good shape.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment
An expensive hair product, but worth the money. It smoothes down my hair again without leaving a nasty film on my hair. My hair has become stronger and smoother. Once this is empty, I will first use up  other hair products and then go back to it in case I cannot find any good replacement for it.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil
I always use this before I blow dry my hair as a heat protectant and once again after to take the frizziness out.

I am aware that all these products contain silicons, but that is what makes my hair shiny, soft and strong. There have been very few silicon free hair products that I liked and that managed to control my hair.

Let me know your current hair care routine in the comments. I am curious how you all maintain your manes.

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  1. I love your beautiful hair Simone!
    I use PM Awapuhi Wild Ginger shampoo and John Frieda's Frizz Ease hair mask once a week. And one of my favorite hair product is Revlon Nutri Color Creme. It refereshes my red hair and gives new intensity, while providing shine and silkiness :)

  2. Hello Simone!

    Thank you for this new article! ^^ I've tried dozens of different products and brands through years but the only one that brought my hair back to life is Lush. I'm a huge fan of this brand and their amazing products but what they did for my hair is pure miracle! =) If I have any tip to give you is to try pre-shampoo mask (I love Lush ones of course but I think several brands have some, or you can even use a regulair hair mask). It really nurture the hair and you can let it pose for hours...

    Lots of kisses from France!!

  3. My hair gets really 'electric' and dry easily, so I use 'Rainforest moisture' shampoo and conditioner by the Body Shop to keep it in control. After washing I always use really great oil product, that I'd definetely recommend: Oil Miracle light finishing treatment (BC Bonacure hairtherapy) by Schwartzkopf. It is quite expensive (ca. 20€), but mine has lasted over a year already! You'll only need a small drop for the whole hair (I use it to damp hair). The scent is also good, neutral and not too strong. In the winter I might use some extra nourishment, which has been Brazil nut Define & no frizz by the Body Shop again (quite strong and sweet scent but helps).

    Take care!


  4. Hi Simone, I think about keraste oil but this isn't for me now. Actually I use mask from brand called BioVax, it's natural and really great! and no an expensive ;) My hair are shiny and soft after this one. I love this :)

  5. I use the Brazilian Keratin line from Renpure, and also the coconut oil variety of conditioner by Organix. For oil, I use Biosilk.

  6. Hi Simone, Paul Mitchell is always a very good choise! I used it for a while and I really enjoyed it.

    Lately I started using Alterna and I would highly recommend you to try it! Is an expensive brand, yes, but absolutely worth every single cent!!!!
    I wash my hair twice a week and I always use the "Bamboo Color Hold Shampoo" and the "Caviar Moisture Replenishing Conditioner"; once a week I also use the "Caviar Moisture Replenishing Masque."
    My hair has improved a lot and are much healthier!
    Although a shampoo costs between 20 and 40 Euros, depending on the line, have a very particular formulation - really dense-for which a jar lasts about 6 months!

    Really you should try it! There are also travel set with small sizes so you can use it a few times and then decide, if you like it, whether to buy the standard size or even those for hairdresser.

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  8. SIMONE!!!!! I use pets at home's dog shampoo for dogs with long coats, because I get it free from work. It makes my hair look like a cross between Elvis hair & an afro. It boasts to get rid of the wet dog smell too. I love it. Such an under rated shampoo. I argue that it works better than top range shampoos.

    Take care Simone.

  9. Thanks Simone. Nice tips. Personally i use shampoo for dry hair, because i have a really really dry hair. I use the TresEme line for dry hair, and i think i have really good results :)
    Kisses for you and your baby bump :)

  10. Dear Simone,
    your hair always looks truly gorgeous! I love your wavy curls and hair colour. You're the goddess of hair ^_^ (and singing, of course!)

    I've been using silicon products for many years, washed and blow-dried my hair every day, and then I started to inform myself about cosmetics, their ingredients and what they did to my body. I decided to switch to silicon-free products and natural cosmetics.
    My hair was awful for two weeks and unpleasant for about three months after all the silicons washed out and the real damage came to light. But then it became better, as did my knowledge about cosmetics.
    I started to avoid several ingredients, now I've begun to use natural and handcrafted hair soap instead of shampoo, which isn't really more expensive.
    I usually rinse out my hair with cider vinegar water afterwards (also because of bad limestone) but the soaps are so nurturing I don't need any special treatment, except some oil (mostly jojoba or argan) in my hair-ends when they are dry.
    I've also changed my nutrition which helped a lot; now not even my hair is lot healthier, but my skin as well. Health is always an overall concept!

    However, I totally understand people who are content with their hair/body treatments and you are showing quite convincing with every lovely picture of yours that your routine works great for you :)

    All the best to you and kisses! :*

  11. Hey simone! I have maybe some longer hair than you have ;) I wash & condition my hair morst of the time daily, because after one day of work I'm sweating and sticky. So is the top of my hair. The downside is now a bit rough, because I've to go to the hairdresser (I haven't been there for almost 2 years!).
    The products I use are most of the time by Andrélon (I have now the volume shampoo) and it leaves a wonderful scent :) (citrus)


  12. Anonymous3.10.13

    I'm really glad that you shared your routine with us! <3 The Kerastase oil is perfect,i have used it!
    Take care! <3

  13. For my hair I use Israeli cosmetics - brand "Netaly". Now I use their shampoo with oblepicha and calendula. This shampoo doesnt contain silicon and sodium lauryl sulfate. After using my hair looks soft and shiny!

  14. Hello my dear :)

    I love your hair so much! Irt was you bringing me up to let my hair grow long again! I´ve tried many shampoos and conditioner without silicones and parabenes and now I´m using a shampoo bar from a local store from dawanda with lavender, hemp oil and many ohter hairsoothing ingredients. My favorite conditioner is from an etsy store, named heart J creations. It´s handmade with goatsmilk, olive oil, jojoba-, argan- and hempoil and itsy absolutly gorgeous for my hair - and you can choose your scent there by yourself! Beside this conditioner I love the MyHoney Child Honey Hair mask or the Arganoil conditioner from Alverde :) My holly grail hair oil is strawberry seed oil and pure virgin coconut oil :) My hip long hair stays healthy with it and I love the smell of all my products very much! I wish you all the best with your newborn Vincent! I was so happy to hear it today! Hughs and kisses for your three! <3

  15. In Portugal we dont have this products :/
    Congratulations *.*

  16. Thanks for the answer :D I use only shampoo Head&Shoulders yet and my previous conditioners weren't be good. Now, I am searching a good conditioner and other hair cares ;)

  17. hei :)
    tolles Blogdesign *_* & allgemein toller Blog ! :)
    Mein Blog ist noch neu und ich würde mich mega freuen, wenn du mir zurück folgen könntest :)
    Liebe Grüße Emil ♥

    Hier geht es zu meinem Blog le bonheur du soleil

  18. Hello :)
    i love your hair, looks so natural , love them! :)
    here is my rutine :
    shampoo: l'oréal ELVIVE smooth-intense anti-frizz
    conditioner:Treatment Cream dove nutritive therapy nourishing oil care
    Sometimes i use ( 2 days a week ) a keratin hair mask or vegetable mud hair mask :)
    and after the shower :
    Serum : ELVIVE anti-frizz liss intense
    and for my hair ends : Organix serum awapuhi ginger
    that's my rutine and my hair look so natural and healty :)

    Kisses from Chile, hope see u soon here and congrats for u and Oliver for your baby Vincent <3
    love u ,xo
    Ignacia ~

  19. I also use this hair oil form Kerastase and it is one of the best! I need some silicone, too, to get my thick, dry hair nice and smooth.
    I also use the Wella SP Series "Hydrate" which you can easily get in Germany: via Internet it is less expensive and even my coiffeur recommands it ;-) It makes my hair soft and shiny and contains only a small amount of good silicone.. for me, paying a little more money to make my hair happy and healty, really works!

  20. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for sharing your review. I liked your post very much.

  21. Anonymous17.1.14

    Congratulations for the baby. I discovered your blog by chance. You restored me want to sing with "Quietus" thank you a thousand times. We look forward (my husband, my 2 year old son who is already a fan and me) to hear from you again ....
    Hair care I found "original sprout" ( brand very well for you but also for your baby. No huge bad products inside and gorgeous hair. (I also blog a little "")

  22. Hi Simone !
    I take care of my hair with natural product.
    My shampoo is Shikakaï powder with a bit of water. I put the paste on my wet hair and after 3-5 minutes I wash and finally put vinegar in water on my hair. And the results are awesome ! My hair shine.

  23. Necessitate Natural hair products! These hair products, as well as a host of more natural personal care products, are usually a healthy choice for pregnant women. These products help keep both mother and baby safe. Natural hair products avoid harsh elements, gradually nourishing your hair to its healthiest state.

  24. hola simon.....mira, yo utilizo para mi cabello que aveces es un poco rebelde shampoo y acondicionador de herbalife...aparte de que tiene una aroma exquisita,,,te deja el cabello super manejable,brillante y liso...a mi me ha funcionado

  25. Hee Simone! Ken je het merk Fushi Wellbeing? Ik gebruik sinds kort het product Real good hair oil van dat merk en het maakt mijn dik en pluizige haar heel zacht. Bestaat uit alleen natuurlijke olieen die goed zijn voor je haar, waaronder argan olie en kokosolie ^^ 2 keer per week doe ik het 's avonds in mijn haar (met een handdoek op mijn kussen tegen vlekken) en was ik het 's ochtends met shampoo en conditioner uit. Zeker aan te raden!

  26. Organix conditioner is avaliable in Poland and it costs about 6 € so I'll try this on my hair for sure :) I'm curious of it.
    Ps: I really love your hair! You are my hair inspiration! x)

    Greetings from Poland.

  27. Hi Simmone. You are using Organix Macadamia Oil shampoo. I used it but I didn't like it. My current shampoo is Keratin Oil anti-breakage. I love it! It is amazing and my long hair is very soft and repair everyday. I'm also using Keratin oil Instant repair oil which smell wonderful (Organix) and Argan oil styling cream (One 'n Only and Babyliss Pro because it's the same and I get them in Sally Beauty Supply). I recommend you this products. You will love Organix Keratin Oil shampoo and instant oil.

  28. Hi Simone! I loved your video on hair oils your posted to YouTube way back. I wanted to try the Kerastase oil but I just could not afford it. Luckily I have a friend who is a stylist and he can get me professional products for a much lower price. He recommended AG the Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Oil to me. It has a lovely smell and makes my hair so incredibly smooth and soft. I highly recommend it! Keep rocking!