I'm singing in the rain

by 2.10.10

Hi guys,

During our show in Poznan (Poland), we had a little accident with some water, causing some what of a scene... Luckily my mic was ok and nobody slipped on stage. It could have ended badly.

Yesterday, when we were in Katowice, some fans gave me a very useful gift:

In case it would start to rain on stage (you never know), next time I'll be prepared. Thanks folks!

Yesterday I decided to go for a more old style make up look; Pin Up Style. A classic red lip with a classic eyeliner, very subtle eye shadow and well defined eyebrows.

Here's a closer look:
Products used:
  • Bobbi Brown gell eyeliner
  • Hema waterproof liquid eyeliner
  • MAC Brulee e/s
  • MAC Shroom e/s
  • MAC Texture e/s
  • On the lid and for eyebrows MAC Swiss Chocolate e/s
  • MAC Redd lipliner all over
  • MAC Russian Red lipstick
  • MAC Eyelashes nr. 7 

These pictures were taken after the show, hence the not so perfect make up anymore. On the last photo you can see the eyeshadow a bit better.

Hope you like it!


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  1. Glad that eveyone is fine :)
    Youa re so beautiful <3 No one else should have eyes as gorgouse as yours !

  2. que olhos lindos... *.*

  3. Glad you're well and nothing happened!
    Of course with any kind of makeup you look beautiful!
    Greetings from Mx kisses

  4. im so glad no one is hurt :D, bobbi brown gel eyeliner is the best, seriously, i LOVE IT :D

  5. Lovely pics! :) I'm glad you're okay. Take care over there! <3

  6. Wow this is beautiful, i use this look very often and it rocks! Haha, I hope to see you in México on January! i'm so excited.
    Good luck for the rest of the shows.


  7. Great! You're so skilled at make-up! I thought someone else did your makeups for the shows, but you don't need it, you're very good! ;)

  8. Awesome as usual!
    Kisses from Venezuela, we love you here!

  9. Your look is amazing! You have so big beautiful eyes :)

  10. Pretty makeup for a pretty girl :) I am a big fan of black eyelinear

  11. Anonymous2.10.10

    Hee Simone,
    Leuke Blogg, ik fotografeer ook een beetje.
    Leuk om te zien wat je zoal nog naast Epica doet.
    Ben een grote Epica fan!!
    Heb alle albums, wat voor een beetje fan toch wel nodig is he.
    Haha, maar ik vroeg me af of Epica niet weer eens naar 013 in Tilburg kan komen?
    Ik heb nog geen auto enzo, en moet daarom vaak concerten buiten Tilburg missen helaas.
    Bedankt voor de prachtige muziek met Epica.
    And Rock On!!
    Groetjes Jeroen, vanuit Tilburg.

  12. Anonymous2.10.10

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anonymous2.10.10

    I'm glad you liked our gift. :D Thank you for this amazing show. :)

  14. I think this classic makeup fits you best. It sets off your beauty! :)
    /it's a pity that I couldn't be there tonight in Bp :( /

  15. You were amazing in Poznań, and I'm sooo happy, that U came to us after the performance, ahhh!

  16. Anonymous2.10.10

    Hey Simone! Love your makeup here, just wondering what kind of face products you use for shows or when you are on tour, your skin always looks super amazing!

  17. Anonymous2.10.10

    Zitten er nog "How to apply .. "- videos aan te komen? ;-)

  18. Very Beautiful your eyes
    you're perfect

  19. Simone! I want Hair Tips! Please!! i have Frizz x_x and your hair is so beautiful, do you use any special shampoo or treatment? Please let US know!

  20. It's amazing how well you can do your make up. I'm a trained make up artist with some serious work behind and I can't for the life of me make MY face look even remotely professional. I love the Bobby Brown gel eyeliner, it stays on forever, survives even the biggest cries... I'm so glad that we get to see your girly side, it's kinda inspiring.

  21. Anonymous3.10.10

    Amazing :-)

  22. where do you buy this make-up? I can't find it anywhere :(

  23. Yes, I love it! Pin-up is always nice :-)

  24. + i've got a question for You, what is Your favourite band? answer, if You can :D

  25. Hi dear Simone, well I hope you read this, I gave you an award on my blog http://amylosis.blogspot.com
    I just hope you can see it, maybe you do not understand what it says because is in Spanish, but if you want to post your award all you have to do is to answer some questions that I leave here and you have to copy the image (that's the award).

    Nominate to 8 posts and warn them that they've nominated by a comment. Add a question at the end of the tag before giving it and say who gave you the award.

    · Do you get along with your mother-in-law?
    · What is your challenge?
    · What would you say to your boss if you win the lottery?
    · What would you do if you found out someone is lying?
    • If your house is burning and you can only save one thing what saved?
    · You enter a room with many people, what do you do? .
    · See the glass half full or half empty?
    · You find a magic lamp, 3 wishes what you ask?
    . What is your favorite song?
    The question that I would add is: What is your favorite musical instrument?

  26. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD simone i love make up too

  27. Hello,
    I've been posting comments already, since I'm doing make-up I would love you to write which products did you use for your face, color of powder, which creme..Thank you for thic blog, I really love everything you do!
    Kisses from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I hope to see you here very soon!

  28. Hey I simply adore this look, so perfectly porcelain. May I ask which foundation you used for this look? Or which one you use in general?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  29. very simple and very beatiful that little line :3