New York, New York

by 20.11.10

Today we are playing at the sold out Grammercy Theatre in New York! We played here earlier this year and had a blast. I'm really excited about the show! In fact, after writing this blog I'll be getting ready for the show.

Yesterday we had an offday in NYC. The boys and me went with the bus from Secaucus to NYC. Since we all had different points of interest, we split up the group. Isaac and me were wandering through NY together. Around 19.00 we would meet at 'Virgil's'.

Here are some pictures for you to get a bit an impression of a great day;

My very first American cupcake. Red velvet. Didn't like it...
We even passed by at the Grammercy Theatre. Check out who's playing ;)
Time Square baby!
I want to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep and find I'm queen of the hill, top of the heap.
To finish a great day in New York, I ordered a burger at Virgil's, and it was gooooood!
Hey, did you hear that Epica is playing in NY tomorrow? ;)


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  1. Very nice pictures! It's very nice how you all enjoy the travel and try different stuff from different countries. I also like that kind of funny comments for the photos and how you tell your day. It's very nice how you share all this stuff with your people =)

    Btw, not sure if you are going to reply, but what is your camera? It take very good pictures at night!

  2. what I really like is that it doesn't matter how many times you visist the same city, you always enjoy it as if it were the very first time you're standing there =)

    have an awesome showtime!

  3. when will you come Turkey ?

  4. Oh I found the camera, it's a NIKON D300S in case someone want to know that too =)

  5. Lovely simone :) I want to travel ejejeje!
    Good luck with the concert \m/

  6. Nice Pics! You Always Make Me Wanna Travel, I Wanna Go To New York Now!

    ...Omg! Did You Eat The Entire Burger!? xD

  7. The Las Picture... Is That White Bag Yours?

  8. Thank you for such an amazing show. You've made my November something special :)

  9. Beautiful pictures, Simone!!! You enjoyed Big apple :) One day I will visit that city too, it's one of my goals ;-)

  10. You're making me to want to travel.
    Great pics!NY is a big city and it'll surprize you every time you visit it ;]

  11. looks fucking nice.... elke keer dat ik in nyc ben ist elkerkeer feest "cheerio""cheers" baby

  12. Aaaagh gaaf! One day I'll be there too :P

  13. the first pic is the worst that you made ever. In the other ones, you look very nice, as usual.

  14. New Yoooooooooooooork! <3

  15. in new york!!!!!!!! ohhhhh Greetings

  16. Very nice picture you look beautiful

  17. Hi Simone,
    ich schreibe Dir extra auf Deutsch, weil ich weiss, dass Du es verstehst :-)
    Wir haben uns in Aschaffenburg getroffen. Du hast mit uns Bilder gemacht.
    Leider war ich sehr nervös...
    95% wegen Dir und 5% weil ich 2 Dosen Monster getrunken habe, sorry.
    Hoffentlich können wir wieder mal Bilder machen.....
    Ps.: Versuch doch mal ein Bild von Dir zu machen, auf dem Du nicht gut aussiehs.....
    Das schaffst Du nicht ;-)

  18. Uauuu :D
    Great pictures, Sisi!

  19. NIce Pics!! Hope you come soon to play in Brazil again!!!

  20. Oh very funny pics!
    Did you like New York? it's a very gorgeous place!
    Very nice to see you blog, thanks for posting... like you so much!!
    Hugs, have a nice week!

  21. I send several tweets:)
    Simone Answer me!

  22. SOLD OUT! Wow that's was very shocking but i'm very glad to hear that =).

    I will see you in Guadalajara México (I hope so, i don't live in Guadalajara, my city is about 10 hours by bus and i have to save some money) but it would be very awesome.

    Regards from México, thanks for sharing all this.

    P.S.: I have a beauty question for you. Wich products do you use to skin care? Specially Facial Care, you have such a beautiful face!

    Take Care =)

  23. Anonymous22.11.10

    You do have fun when you travel!

    I've always wanted to be there, in NYC, someday I will, I hope so..

    I really enjoy the blogging you do when you visit a city. I hope you blog about mine, Medellín, when you visit it on February 4.

    Can't wait to see Epica live, finnally!!!

  24. I see, that you enjoyed your day off :) Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing with us! How could you eat so much sweets and burgers and look so amazing after all? :))))))

  25. Hey Simone, I got to tell you it's very fun to read your blog! your writing is intersting and you makes me laugh a lot :)
    It is great that I can finally know about the make up you use beacuse I'm a big make up fan, and of course even bigger fan of yours.

    -BTW, thought it was nice to show you this pic:
    I took it when you played in Israel [Decmber 2008], you and Mark liked it but I didn't know where to put it.

    and this one...: from the MetalCamp. My face were really weird so I had to censor it :P

    I'll come back to read here more, 'till then, have a nice week and day!

  26. ohhh
    I want you in Portugal XD

  27. Anonymous23.11.10

    Hello Simone.

    First I would like to congratulate the Epica, by his talent.

    I love your band, I'm eager to watch a live show here in Brazil.

    I'm a singer and bellydancer, and tribal ballydancer.Do you like a Tribal Bellydance?

    Now I want to start studying lyrical singing and piano (I dream to learn harp), I follow the career of artist musicais.Ou joining oquestra of Maestro André Rieu.You know? Like ?I loved!

    I also have a channel on Youtube, "fadadojardim", which means fairy garden, and a Blog, talking about beauty, fashion, makeup, music, dance, photography ... everything that I love.

    But my email Simone, is asking for an advice to you.

    What is your diet to maintain such a beautiful way and what your routine to keep his voice always flawless (besides the talent God gave him, lol)? Has a regular diet, avoid any type of food, activities, finally.

    If you do not want to answer me here, thank you anyway, could be a blog post, but it is advice that I ask.

    Thank you in advance.

    You're beautiful, talented and friendly

    Kisses and success always


  28. These are great pictures, but tooo big city for me ;) I would get lost in no time...
    Prague, however, is also beautiful city... Maybe you could visit it (I know you've been here, but I found Epica just month before the concert...).
    I have a friend, who reminds me of you... You look alike, she sings and she's lively ;). Unfortunately she's not into metal (altough she dates metalist - I hope she will change her mind soon), but she likes your singing :)

  29. You and the band were amazing at Grammercy! I had two guys from Spain, twins actually, who were shouting for you to marry them! It was hillarious! :)

    I saw you guys in Philly the day before you guys went to New York and it wasn't nearly as good of a show as it was in NYC. We had a great crowd and I can't wait until next time!

    Have a great rest of your tour! I'll be reading your blog from this day onward! :)
    PS. I am a HUGE fan of yours. I named my car after you. Hahaha.

    Be well!!!

  30. haha, I just got the theme from 'New York, New York' reference.

  31. You are the only other person I've heard expressing dislike for red velvet cupcakes. <3