A Redhead at 'Blondies'

by 27.11.10

Hi guys!

Today is our 8th show from our tour through the US/Canada.

Tonight's show is at 'Blondies' in Detroit. It's very cold out here. I'm happy that I brought my winter jacket, hat and gloves to keep me warm during the colder days. I've also brought a jacket for the warmer days as well.

I had a little accident earlier.... When I was walking up the stairs, my left foot got stuck in my pants and I tripped. My left foot hit the stone staircase and my big toe is in agony ever since. It's not broken (at least I hope so), but my nail is not looking so dandy anymore... At the moment I don't have any feeling in it. I put a bandaid on it. Let's hope I can fit in to my stage shoes...

Here are some pictures that I made today:
Even though the sun was shining, it was still fr fre freezing!
We had our meet and greet in this awesome room
Willem is really happy with his balloons :)

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  1. wow its so beatifull pics ,

  2. Kakakkak...Crazy..., Very Goog Simons!!...Beautiful Post ^.^

  3. Really nice photos, hope your toe gets better soon (:

  4. your pics are really cool!!! I like a lot the first....the sky looks awesome!
    you are really good no just singing!!!
    best wishes for you!

  5. Hope your toe gets better!
    Have a great concert today, good luck!!


  6. Really beautiful photos, Simone, congratulations.

    And now, a tip: from a fan who wants the best for you and also a Medicine student: go and see if your toe is okay. If it has been a few days since your accident and it still hurts, it can be broken and so it's better for you to put it on the right place (there's no big deal at all... they can do this with bandages, no parget needed, and you can wear any shoe you want! =) ).
    I tell this 'cause me and my ex-boyfriend have both broken our toes (on quite stupid ways actually) and both we didn't feel anything but pain and a little sensation of "anesthesia"(if you got what I meant...)

    anyway, I hope it's nothing more than a bruise and I hope you get better soon!

    Have a nice trip and tour from North America

    (and you probably may have some "medicine assistance" better than a student/fan, but if you want to get in touch for any help, please feel free for doing this! =) )


  7. Hi there Simone, let me tell you that those were fun and great pictures, as not as well as your accident, take care of yourself everywhere please...
    I´m waiting for you here in Mexico City so here is not cold at all, stay forever in contact and I appreciate this blog taking about many other things

    kisses from Mexico
    Martin Z

  8. Anonymous27.11.10

    Hi Simone !

    Very nice pics !
    I hope your toe is a little bit better now.. A few years ago, I was quite mad with my brother, so I decided that kicking the wall with my feet was a good way to release the anger I felt, and that way I got my toe broken.. And it's absolutely not fun, it got purple-blue and big as an egg in minutes and I couldn't walk for a few days.. So yeah, I hope yours it's not broken =) !

    Have a nice tour time !

    Hughs & kisses,


  9. ouch!! sorry for the accident :S lets hope that you feel better for the concert ;)
    have a lovely day dear simone

    Princess corner

  10. Aww =\ How Larissa said,you should go and check it.I had this kind of problem and it can become worst if you don't "fix" it :S
    And I hope you'll get better soon! x

    Your second job should be as a photographer,you have talent to :)

  11. Awesome photos! Love reading your blog. It's always short and sweet and entertaining! I hope your toe gets better! Feet injuries always suck! :( When you get to your show in Arizona, be prepared for a light jacket. Right now the high temperatures are averaging 16 C! Although it gets quite chilly at night.

  12. Hope You Get well soon :) I Send u a Hug!! :)

  13. What beautiful photos!!!!! You always have nice pics. I especially love the fourth, it's like... magic *.* jeje.
    I hope you're okay and your injury isn't too serious. D: bye bye

  14. Ouch, full recovery to your aching toe!
    Beautiful pics, and I hope that the concert went well :)

  15. Please take care of yourself, hope your toe gets better soon.

    Greetings from Mexico.


  16. I was there! I was at Blondies! I was about five feet from you, so of course I was very excited about that, haha. Awesome show! I loved the camaraderie you have with everybody in the band--and it was hilarious when Mark came into the audience. Haha. By the way, I loved your crimped hair! You are so beautiful! Come back to Detroit soon!

  17. Simone...

    You have a beautiful blog! Congratulations! Always to be here!
    Come here to Brazil!


  18. Beautifil pictures, Simone.
    Kisses from Brazil.

  19. Stay off that toe! Hopefully it heals up fast! :)

  20. PS. I love love that first picture the most. It's beautiful!!

  21. I was at this show, it was awesome. My first Epica show! Come back to Detroit again soon!

  22. Haha, Simone! Your photos made the area around Blondie's look NICE for a change. I know Detroit isn't as gorgeous as New York, but I hope you had a good time. I know I did...the show could not have been better. I hope your toe is feeling better now that you're cross-country!