In love with London

by 21.3.11

Hi guys,

On our last day in London, Floor and me did our final shopping.

We both had our shops where we wanted to go to. Floor wanted to go to 'Irregular Choice' and I wanted to go to the Illamasqua shop on Beak street.

We started our shopping spree in Camden. I am a sucker for leather jackets, and Camden is like leather jackets heaven. We both found some lovely jackets, for lovely prices. I do have to say that some of the salesmen in those shops are very pushy. We did get a good deal in the end, though.

On our way to the Illamasqua shop, I almost got run over by a motor cyclist. It was both our fault. Me being a Dutchie and looking to the wrong side of the street, and him driving way too fast. My heart needed to calm down a bit. Quite a shock!

I'll make a separate post about the Illamasqua treasures that I found/bought.
Illamasqua l/s in 'Drench'
Floor's favorite shop
Very colourful
The lighting of the staircase changed every second. Disco baby!

Although the shoes didn't appeal to me, I must say that the shop itself was decorated lovely. We had an amazing time in London. We were there 3 days in total and are looking forward to come back again.


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  1. Amazing city! And I love Camden Town! It's one of those places you never get tired of visiting xD

    Cheers Simone!

  2. I agree with you about the salesmen in camden... I hate that !

    I'm looking forward your article about illamasqua, i love this brand !

  3. London is amaizng,I'll visit it one day x)
    I'm not a fan of colorful photos,but I really like that one. :)
    Nice photos ^^ And red really looks good on you!

  4. Wow, London is like a heaven for me.
    Photos are amazing and you look totally awesome, Simone.
    Cheers! :)

  5. I hope to go to London someday!! you looks awesome Simone!!

  6. Camden Town ben ik al tig keer geweest, is heerlijk shoppen daar idd :)
    Illamasqua staat nog op mijn shop wishlist, ga ik cker heen 1stvolgende x in London! :) Ben benieuwd naar wat je hebt gescoord. Swatches plz? ;)

  7. i will go to that store of jackets and buy one, i totally love them!!! That green jacket is to die for!!

  8. I Would Love to be there, is a pleasant place to shop. I'm not addicted to the shoes But Are These really very beautiful and flirtatious.

    As for the stairs I can spend all the time dancing haha

    I love your two jackets Are Both really beautiful and perfect for you

    ps: be careful in the street

  9. loved the red leather jacket!!

  10. I love leather jackets, shoes and make-up! Is there a cure for me? The first time I went in London for my make-up training I had a bad experience like yours! I felt so afraid!

  11. Totally in love with your red jacket! I wanna buy some jackets and trench coats, cause I don't have nice and warm ones for the winter, and these are such beautiful pieces of clothing, I love them.
    And I think I'd feel quite unconfortable inside a store like Irregular Choice. The decoration is too colorful and the disco lightning would also make me wanna get out of there as soon as I could.
    Watch out on the streets, Dutchies!

  12. They really do get into your personal space, those salesmen, don't they... Then again I could spend a fortune in coats and jackets only in Camden, and another one in shoes, and third one in dresses... :O It's good that I don't live in England and maximum amount of luggage space available keeps me in check. :)

    Heads up on traffic everyone, both home and aboard! :(

  13. I gotta visit Camden someday, it seems great. Finding some good-looking leather-jackets which aren't black is a though mission nowadays!

  14. OMG I have that leather coat with the buckles in black! :D

  15. I hope you bought that red (leather?) coat, looks really good on you.

  16. DEAR Simone:
    I really admire your job as musician, and also I like the fact that you are an intelligent person, besides talented. Really complete person, is my opinion about You .
    But I really think that you need to see Earthlings(i mean for the issue of leather-animal skin-,I never thought you would be buying such thing, even less cos you are powerfully supporting WWF-which is amazing. You are beautiful and dont need such thing as bloody leather to look always gorgeous); you can easily find Earthlings on the internet, it has powerful arguments and shows lots of reallity. I know you enjoy watching movies and documentaries so you will find something on this.
    Best regards from a female drummer and future psychiatrist from Chile
    Mònika F-G.

  17. Oh, these shoes are absolutely amazing!:)

  18. I loooooved these shoes vey colourful..amazing!!

  19. God!! I love that red leather jacket & all those shoes!! ♥