Push the Butt-On

by 9.4.11

Hi guys,

Lately something funny happened to me, and I thought it would be something that I'd want to share with you. Actually, a lot of funny things happen to me, especially on the road. Some are too embarrassing to share with you.

Kamelot asked me to join them on tour. Oliver and me left to Frankfurt on the 5th of April. I sometimes get into really awkward positions, because I try to carry all my bags and not hit people around me.

When Oliver, me and all my bags tried to squeeze into a small elevator, the alarm suddenly went off. We didn't know how it happened and told the lady on the speaker that it was a false alarm.

I started to think how it could have happened. Then it occurred to me; to fit Oliver, me and my bags in the elevator, I was standing on the tip of my toes. As I was reconstructing the scene, I noticed that my butt was touching the alarm. I wonder how many other people have pushed the Butt-On by accident and set off the alarm.

It's good to know that, in case I ever have no hand available, my butt can always set off the alarm in case of a real emergency.

Off to bed, tomorrow we fly to Sao Paulo!

Good night,

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  1. hahaha funny story :DD
    wow i'm so close to sao paulo but i'm not able to go! wanna die :(
    sleep well,x

  2. And if it's really cold in the elevator you have two other options!

  3. awww poor thing ♥ , I hope you are well , it was just an accident xD

    kisses from Chile!

  4. Oooh ma belle Simone!
    I'm laughing out loud of your story HAHAHAHAHA
    It's so funny!
    But I'm happy you're fine!

    Sao Paulo's concert will be unforgettable and I'll be there for you!

    Xoxo <3

  5. It was very embarrassing what happened to you Simone! lol but still very funny :D, I laughed a lot reading your funny story hahaha.

    Would come back again but with Epica Chile D
    Hugs and kisses


  6. Very funny post!I really love it read all you write here. Your life is full of life and collors like you!
    Welcome to Brazil!Take a nice trip!!

    Agnesc Kisses...

    Read me: www.eroticosdelirios.blogspot.com

  7. That was hilarious! :)

  8. Hahahaha very funny, i was creating all in my head hahaha.

    Good luck with your tour with Kamelot. You are coming to México but i won't be able to see you, i live so fucking far from México City.

    Kisses and be careful with buttons =).


  9. xD Laughing about the butt situation, crying for living so far from São Paulo! =(


  10. Anonymous9.4.11

    jajajajajajaja remarkable! xD
    a very funny story, and very rare, the button was very fortunate; Simone touched jajajajajajajaajaja
    Greetings from Chile

  11. once I bum-dialed the police and they showed up. these butts of our are capable of many great thing:)

  12. oh my, that is the cutest and funniest story :D :D :D I love such stories...some of them make you feel little awkward but some years later you will laugh out loud on them ;-) Hugs from Slovakia

    P.S. We love you and your stories :-*

  13. Shortly...you managed to turn on the alarm with your butt because you were in a small elevator trying to fit You,Oli and your bags there.This has to be awkward...and unusual..and funny x)
    Your life is coloured and you as well(no,not in the way of what you wear )
    Thanks for sharing with us this story :')
    Enjoy the rest of the tour with Kamelot and stay safe X

  14. I like the play on words "butt-on" haha :P


  15. Haha, funny story. Enjoy touring with Kamelot and try not to set off more alarms. Good thing it wasn't a fire alarm. Imagine the chaos and all because of your tush. :D Greetings from Croatia!

  16. Ez jó! :) :) and cute ;-) :)

  17. I laughted my ass off!!! XD

  18. hauha i really like your funny story, but i'm really sad that you'll be in São Paulo and you won't pass in Rio de Janeiro. We really love you!
    Well take a nice trip in Brazil and next time don't forget Rio.

    Kisses and 'Bem vinda ao Brasil'(Welcome to Brazil)


  19. hahahahahahahahahaha that a good story, I did feel better ^^ I hope you share more funny stories like that Kisses

    Much Love
    Miriam Denisse

  20. hahaha.. that was funny....
    greetings Simone...
    plz come to Peru...in your Latin American Tour 2011...

    :( everybody miss you, here !^^

  21. jjajajajajajjajjaajXD!!!
    always so funny and thanks for visiting Chile again

    love you♥

  22. Anonymous10.4.11

    Join Vampirefreaks.com
    prepare to be assimilated

  23. Hello Simone o/
    It is always a problem to get elevators, especially full of stuff. I really hate elevators.
    I was thinking if you could make posts about hair care. Like products that you use or some tips :)

    Xo, Thaís


    O Brasil espera sempre por você. Muito honroso tê-la em nosso país.

    beijo, guria.

  25. I just saw you a few hours ago singing "Don't you cry" with Kamelot and I loved
    You were wonderful <3 as always

  26. hello simone i am nicolas from argentina, and i am 15 years old. i saw you last friday and i have to say that i love you !! epica has a new fan !!

  27. Too bad I can't go to São Paulo, that would be great, sleep well big kiss Sisi

  28. *just read this*
    HILARIOUS story!!! XD