by 17.4.11

A little story from my side for you to read.

On our flight back from Mexico to Germany, Oliver and me were sitting at the 'three seater' at the window. The bigger airplanes are divided in three sections; on the outer sides there are three seats and in the middle there are 5 seats.

The window seat was still empty and we were both anxiously awaiting our travel partner. We both have had nasty experiences with people not using any deodorant, making weird sounds (snoring, farting, etc.) or talking to you continuously.

When our guy approached us, we were relieved. No weird smells and he looked quite decent.

It turned out to be a continuous complainer. He was downgraded from first class to second class. Nothing was good enough for him. We were sitting at a compartment without chairs in front of us. Oliver was happy that he had enough leg room. I was happy that nobody in front of me would put their chair in my face. But our lovely friend was complaining about everything and kind of spoiled it for us.

I tried to be nice to him by helping him where ever I could. The stewardess was afraid of him and was doing everything possible to help him. Luckily I was sleeping most of the time so I didn't have to put up with his bad mood all the time.

He did give me the feeling that nothing in the second class was good enough for him and that he was better than us and deserved more attention. In a way he was right to be angry since he probably paid for an expensive ticket and got downgraded to the second class, but it wasn't our fault nor the stewardess'.


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  1. There are many people like that :S or worts ajajaja!! to bad, but I hope you and Oliver had a nice trip!

    take care

  2. Shame he wasn't a fan. He would have probably been in a better mood. Though I doubt your journey would have been any more peaceful.

  3. Oh, it gives me headache only to think about the situation...>.<
    Totally agree with Heggers! ^^

  4. I hope you had a good trip, and im glad you were sleep most of time :) very kind of you to help him, even when he was bothering you :)

  5. "We both have had nasty experiences with people not using any deodorant, making weird sounds (snoring, farting etc.) or talking to you continuously." ._. It sounds awful only reading it... :|
    I'm really sorry you had to deal with this,neither you or Oliver deserved such a pratass on your heads...but I couldn't imagine his face if he knew who you both really are.
    Anyways,I'm glad everything's OK now.
    Greetings from Romania x

  6. Unfortunately I know a few people like that. Nobody wants to be around them. Awefull.

  7. What an asshole, to say the least. He should have been more respectful to those around him. Sucks u got to share the flight and seats with him

  8. I don't like people talking to me on the bus/airplane, it's my little "me" time XD
    Sounds aweful... but sleeping is surely the best way to avoid such things! :P

    I'm amazed that you are so famous and loved but still so and nice and lovely. I know it shouldn't be weird but the level of your kindness and cuteness is way beyond expected, I really appreciate it :)

  9. if I will have the opportunity to travel with you someday, I'm sure! I would be talking to you continuously. xD my idol next to me.. i have to talk with u obviously! :P Greets from México, you rocks ;)

  10. Honesty is the best policy and he should have been told not to disturb the passengers.After all you did not pay to hear his troubles, that is what customer service is for.

  11. I hate people like that , I hope your next trip you can stay better , I would be very happy with you and oliver beside me hehe =)
    Thanks for sharing . I'll be waiting for more stories ^^

    So Have a nice Day Simone
    Kisses from Mexico City

    Miriam Denisse

  12. There is every person in this world ... I also have had similar experiences when I travel by bus
    but if you were my seatmate... I can not imagine what I could do jejeje

    love you!

  13. So wait, he got to sit next to you and he complained? How is that not waaay better then sitting in first class? xD

  14. I feel sorry for that guy, because he misses the real point of life, so If he will not change his attitude towards life and people, he will be complaining more and more and one day he will find out that he is alone :( Thank God I know the right people who can find something good even when something unpleasant happens ;-)

    Kisses from Slovakia

  15. It Takes very little to get bored of something or someone, But it is admirable That You wanted to help:). I Would Love to Be The passenger, I swear I Would Have Stayed to listen, They Had Not Given Any Trouble and Would be happy with my cleaning smell (when you make a long trip, you use deodorant, Be polite and courteous) haha.

    Kisses, take care.
    A hug from Chile!

  16. Ugh, sorry you had to deal with that. I hate it when people continuously complain; I would have completely lost it eventually and told him to shut up, haha. Hopefully the rest of your trip was nice and no more annoying people like that were a part of it.

    Best wishes


  17. Having made a trip from Europe to Mexico, I understand how tired you might have been !
    So this was the last thing you needed !
    Kisses from a Lebanese fan who's watched you live at Wieze and recently Istanbul. :)