a Star's Make Up

by 28.7.11

Hello everybody,

When I was in Helsinki with Epica, I had the pleasure to do Anneke van Giersbergen's make up!

It was fun to hang out with her and talk about all girly stuff. I find her extremely charismatic. She simply radiates a lovely energy. She's such a sweet heart!

I also managed to have a quick talk with Devin Townsend and shot some pics while at it.

Anneke asked for a nice smokey eye. I showed her the make up that I brought with me and she really liked my 'Good Girl' palette from Sleek, which is full of pinks. After some swatching we decided to use a lovely pink from MAC.

If you're interested in the products which I used for Anneke's look, please scroll down.

Two Dutch ladies.
With Devin Townsend.
For the eyes;
  • MAC pigment in 'Bright Fuschia'
  • MAC Copperplate e/s
  • MAC Print e/s
  • Black e/s from Sleek (you can find this in almost all the Sleep palettes)
  • Urban Decay Sin as highlighter
  • Clinique 02 True Black eyeliner (also on the water line) 

On the cheeks:
  • MAC Springsheen blush
  • MAC Silver Dusk highlighter

On the lips:
  • MAC 'Cherish' l/s
  • NYX lipliner pecil in 819 'Soft Brown'

Anneke was very pleased with her black and pink smokey eye, so was I. Hope you like it!


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  1. she is simply AWESOME!

  2. Anneke: the most beautiful woman in the world!! =)

  3. Anonymous28.7.11

    Woww!! It's beautiful!!

  4. You have so much talent, Simone! It looks great!

  5. cool make up! , I see you enjoy doing make up , It´s nice!

    kisses from Chile my dear ♥

    bye bye !

  6. She is so beautiful! I never knew she looked that good.
    I like the make up you created too.


  7. I love your post!!!! beautiful you are my everything! I LOVE YOU!♥

  8. You are my idol Simone!! :)

  9. Really nice with the pink "high light". Suits her very well!

  10. For a half second I thought it was you on the first picture. :) I love Anneke, she's charming and she has a truly amazing voice. It's nice to see you two having fun-

  11. She's lovely :)
    Great work Simone!

  12. You have sooo much talent with make up! :O You really should take part in make up competition.

  13. loved the show at Tuska; Simone you're so gorgeous in person :) - just curious, where do you usually get your stage outfits?

  14. wow I love that color shade, this convinación is one of my favorites because it makes you look fresh and beautiful =)
    You are very talented Simone and the best I love it ¡¡¡ Anneke is so cute but you are my idol
    Have a star day ¡¡¡ Kisses Miriam Denisse

  15. wow!you both look awesome!

  16. You did a great job, I love this look! She looks so pretty, you are really cute together. :) Duet in the future?

  17. Wow Simone! You are awsome! Love the makeup you did to Anneke. I'm trying since i read for first time your blog to find MAC makeup in my town, it's kinda hard haha

  18. Nice work! Fuchsia goes so well with the brilliant blue of her eyes.

  19. Hallo,Simone

    Als ich in deinem twitter,dass man es mit Anneke erfüllen las, wusste ich, du würdest Bilder hier zeigen, von diesem Treffen!

    Schauen Sie sich ihre Arbeit kurz vor seinem und wurde automatisch ein Fan! Sie ist wunderschön,charismatisch und hat eine erstaunliche Stimme(wie Du!).

    Ich würde gerne sehen Sie zwei zusammen singen(das erste Mal sah ich Anneke wurde mit Sharon Den Adel singen und ich war begeistert!)
    Wieder genoss ich lese dein Blog!

    Agnes Küsse für Sie!

  20. gorgeous makeup Simone, I love to do nearly the same for me with fuchsia, copperplate, black and a bit of platinum for the inner eyelid.

    It's so great that you are a fan of MAC too :-)

  21. I just recently subscribed to your blog - I´m amazed by your makeup skills!
    And you can´t imagine my absolute joy when I saw these pictures of Anneke. She´s been one of my favourite singers for years now and she´s also a very beautiful woman, just like you. Seeing the two of you together makes me want to go to the Netherlands and see if all Dutch woman are this stunning :)

  22. There's a little mistake - his name is Townsend, not Towsend. :)
    By the way awesome make up, I love it! You and Anneke are gorgeous. :)

  23. You are really good with the make up, Simone!
    Anneke looks stunning :).
    BTW I loved your blue dress.
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. Anonymous31.7.11

    wow Anneke in blond...hübsch :)
    hab seit ihrem Ausstieg bei The Gathering nichts mehr von ihr gehört...schade eigentlich.
    Schönes AMU btw :)

  25. wow, well done! i hope some day you'll do my make up too :) both you and anneke look gorgeous here!! and i'm in love with both make-up looks!! you should do a tutorial some day!!

  26. Anneke and Devin! I love them both! :D