Something Sweet for the Soul

by 8.7.11

Hi Guys,

When you know that I am the Candy Queen of Metal, you know that you can expect something sweet every once in a while on my blog.

Today we are talking about Macaroons. I recently had my very first macaroon when I was in Stuttgart. They always appealed to me because of their color, but the taste is even greater. These are again stones for the stomach, so don't eat too many of them. Your wallet might hurt after buying a couple of these, they are 1 euro a piece, but they are little bombs of heaven. My favorite is the pistachio and mango. My sister also tried her first macaroon and was not sure how they would taste like, by looking at them. She was a little skeptical at the beginning but changed her mind quickly after tasting it.

If you'd like to know a bit more about the history of Macaroons you could visit this page:

Next time when I am in Paris, I shall pay a visit to Laduree.

Bon Appetit!


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  1. i love macarons T_T to bad that we don´t have here in EL Salvador
    but try from paris, the original and classic. I ate macaron in Hamburg twice, when I was there jeje.

    in my blog I posted a recipie, and also I made necklaces inspire by them, for my etsy store.

    check if you want to:

  2. My wife's preferred... Took her to Paris only to eat her precious macarons at Laduree!!!

    You and her would surely be good friends (in fact she looks A LOT like you...)

    Love your blog!


  3. They look like little hamburgers! :D Wanna try them! D: They look so creamy and crunchy at the same time, pure joy! :D

  4. Haha on the last picture it looks quite gross, looks a bit like Lush's products :')

    But! If I see them in a store someday, I will try this!

  5. Yummmy I love the macaroons yeah They Look like little hamburgers lol but seems delicious =)
    Bon Appetit Simone don't eat so much haha just kidding Take care Candy Queen =)

  6. Hmmm must be a delight ^^
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    I'll be very happy =) I am running for a little bag of makeup.
    It is difficult to spread and get out the vote since my twitters are suspended.

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  7. Anonymous8.7.11

    Nhumy! Amazing blog.Congratulations from Brazil. :*

  8. Simone, how could you do this to me? Haha
    If there are something who drives me crazy are candies and chocolat.
    Now I seriously want a macaron.
    I need a travel around France and Switzerland.

    Greetings from Mexico!

  9. I think it's looking good! ~drooling~

  10. OMG dat ziet er echt TE LEKKER uit! <3 ...en ik wist niet dat jij een zusje had ;-)

  11. Well, your post made me hungry a bit... but "hungry for something sweet" ;). So, I'm gonna make them today, recipe seems to be pretty easy. :)

  12. ever seen SpongeBob?
    reminded me of ColorsBurger
    jajaja xD!!!

    Love you♥! ^^

  13. Wow, those look awesome! They're different in appearance from the macaroons we have here in the U.S. They actually look like they taste better, too. I'll have to see if there's a place in Atlanta that sells the European version. Thanks for sharing! :-D

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. We kind of have this candy here in Brazil, but with a different name... the translation would be like "sigh"! that's because you sigh after eating them, sooo good!

  16. When I saw the picture, I thought it was burguers colors. They look appetizing! they're like "merengues" or "espumilla"<-- so called, in Guatemala. thanks for share it with us!

  17. I looooove macarons. Why do they have to be so difficult to make!

  18. I love macarons too. But I cant find them anymore ):

  19. Anonymous21.7.11

    i don't know if it's the same type of cookie i'm thinking of... but here in Portugal we have "Suspiros" which i think they're made of the same ingredients. Oh... it's so tasty, my stomach is screaming for one!

  20. huuuh macaroons are sooo expensive...
    You might wanna try it here in France =D.

  21. Anonymous29.7.11

    The next time you are in Switzerland you should go to Linth and Sprüngli and buy some "Luxemburgerlis". The best Macaroons in the whole wide world!

  22. Ha! Went to Delifrance the other day and saw them on the menu, so I remembered your post and ordered some! :D It's was quite good, I only had the green/brown/beige ones. I actually only truly liked the green one :P