New York Blisters

by 11.10.11

Hello lovelies,

During my stay in the States with Kamelot, I spend one day with Elise in New York.

We took the bus from Secaucus into NY which was only 6 dollars for a round trip! 30 Minutes later we were in the center and ready to walk for hours to come.

Stupid me wore ballerina shoes, which are not the best for lots of walking.

I had to go to the Sephora on Times Square and Elise had to find some shoes. Sephora and me spend 3 hours together. My wallet asked for a divorce. I ended up buying only one item and that was a eyeshadow palette from Stila. I didn't make too many pictures because I only had my Nikkor 50 mm lense. Another mistake and bad preparation for New York. My bad. It is an amazing lens, though.

Enjoy the larger pictures! 

Taken with a Nikon 50 mm lens. Hard to make duo portraits when holding the camera yourself ;)
Can you find us?

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  1. Hi Simone, I think I found you :)
    You were wise, I don't think I could go to Sephora and only buy one item! I'd love to see the palette you picked, though. Stila's Dream In Full and Color Wheel palettes look fabulous.

  2. It is very tough for me to go in Sephora and not make a purchase. I always seem to buy at least one item there. :) Recently I bought the Urban Decay exclusive at Sephora, lip pencil, named Crush. I have never tried out Stila products but they look beautiful. Great pics.

  3. I just bought a Stila palette from Sephora recently, too! It was on sale. :)

  4. Hello! I think, was very easy to find you. Beautiful pics!

  5. Is that Elise from Amaranthe?

  6. Very nice photos! I love seeing your photos and your post on the blog ... you are so beautiful! I love you♥ kisses from Uruguay!

  7. Simone, I LOVE that lipstick you're wearing on the duo photo. Can you tell me the brand and model?
    Thank youu =)

  8. Anonymous12.10.11

    haha!! So, y'all met Samuel L. Jackson, huh? :) Pulp Fiction is my fav movie of his. I would love to shop Sephora with you! I'm currently obsessed with Nars eyeshadows.. especially the shade, Galapagos. I've never even been to NYC and I live near Atlanta.. pretty embarassing!

  9. Great Photos!!!! Love this post!


  10. Lucky Samuel L. Jackson :P
    Sounds you had some fun despite the problems :)

  11. Samuel L. Jacksooooon!!!!

  12. Blisters are so familiar and common when you are a ballerina ;) LOL which shoes did you end up buying? :)