Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Animal Day

Captain Schwarzkopf enjoying our balcony.



  1. Ahh.. That has to be one of the most good looking cats in the world ;)

  2. this cat reminds me the my! his name was "Fritt" =)
    but he died! =(
    He's beautiful as the Fritt!

  3. That looks like the little fellow that slept with me this morning. Binks. Except he's not allowed outside, strictly an indoor boy.

  4. I need to bought a black cat! I have a white cat :-D then i'll do the ying-yang xD with them!

  5. Awwwwwwwwww what a beautiful cat ooooooooooh that look kills me (;
    Nice picture Smoon ... <33

  6. Mr.Schwarzkopf Loves you Simone hehe

  7. Hi Simone. It seems, from what I have read and followed you all these years, that you do love animals, so I invite you to please seriously consider stop buying leather. Believe it or not, leather doesn't usually come from cows, which most people consider acceptable because they eat them anyways, but they come from cats, dogs, buffalos, and various animals that suffer a lot just so people can wear them. I know you love leather, but there are gorgeous alternatives to leather and many cruelty-free designers that I'm sure you'll love! I have never seen you wear fur, so I guess you don't wear it because of ethical reasons. There really isn't much difference between leather and fur, so please seriously consider not buying anything that's made of real leather anymore. Also, consider buying only products that weren't tested on animals. MAC is good, they don't test on animals, and I know you love MAC. But I also read that you use L'oreal hair products and they do test on animals. Animal experimentation is extremely cruel. They usually force shampoos or other products into animals eyes, they electroshock them, they shave their skins and subject them to very harsh chemicals, only so you can have a nice hair product. Not necessary, seeing how there are so many cruelty-free options everywhere! You can find here a list of companies that do and don't test on animals: http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/default.aspx . Since a lot of people follow you and admire you, like me, it would be great if you also advice others to try to follow this advice. Also, from what I've read from all your blog posts (I've read them since the very beginning), you don't eat much meat but do eat fish. I'm not asking you to stop eating animals, that's a very personal decision, but I do ask that you please inform yourself on what it means to eat other living creatures. This article on seafood is an eye-opener. As a vegan, I didn't know most things I read in here. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/we-must-stop-eating-our-oceans-2/
    Anyways, I hope you can read this, and I hope you can take some time to inform yourself, even if you don't decide to make any changes to your lifestyle, it's always good to know the facts and not to live in the darkness of the world's realities.
    I can't wait for the new Epica record! I totally love you and Epica, you are one of my favorite singers ever!

  8. In Argentina, animal's day is on 29th April! I didn't know about this World Animal Day.. So thanks for the info!
    I realised today that I know by heart all the lyrics from The Phantom Agony album :D It's my favourite <3

  9. Great and excellent comment Estef, and Hi Simone!! I have a cat like that :)

  10. This cat is really cute. =^;^= Congrats for the beautiful picture you made of him.

  11. Oh! that cute kitty!
    I have long wanted a black cat, but still have not found :/
    I hope to have a kitten soon ^^

    kisses Simone :)

  12. Awww how cute!!! =D

    Simone, Will you be with Mayan in Guadalajara, México?!!

    I can't wait!. I'm not from Guadalajara but I'll be there to see Mayan =D


  13. Have you used sepia photo filter? Cool and enigmatic... What did the cat was thinking... I bet was... "What a beutifull woman, I wish I was a man and so I could try to be her boyfriend" :)
    or something like "to be, or not to be...".
    Take care,

  14. Owntttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! How I love cats!!!!!!!!!!!
    I never had one black =(

  15. Diese schwarze Katze ist schön, und es ist makaber in diesem Bild, ziehe ich Hunde, aber ich liebe schwarze Katzen!

    What Stef wrote is very interesting! I didn't know about L'oreal !!! From this moment, I'll never more use again,any product from L'óreal!Is really cruel what happened e and happen every single day the animals suffer! This must stop!!

  16. It's so adorable!! But there's something that you don't know... It's HIS balcony, not yours :P
    Hugs from Chile :D

  17. Captain Schwarzkopf seems to be much more in your house than in his XD he's a cool cat B) I wish I had a cat...

  18. Thanks Xavier! And good Agnes, I know that a lot of people don't know about animal experimentation, I didn't know about it either until a friend told me. It's always good to learn a bit! Anyways, I love black cats!!!!!

  19. From one black cat to another, hello there!