a Cranberry Christmas

by 6.12.11

Hello Blog Babes,

Here is another look with one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows; Cranberry. A shade which is unique and a must have if you are a fan of bold colors. My Cranberry is part of a limited edition palette, but rest assured, it is part of the regular collection.

The Look Products;
  • MAC studio fix foundation in NW20
  • Essence eyebrow pencil 03 Light Brown
  • MAC Blurr, Gleam, Cranberry eyeshadow and a simple black eyeshadow for smoked eye liner effect from Sleek.
  • Bobbi Brown Black Inc gel eyeliner for tight lining the eyes
  • Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Tiger Lilly
  • The Balm Big Mama blush 
  • MAC Soft and Gentle MSF
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Hope you like it!


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  1. one of the best pictures of yours :))

  2. Simone, do you like Essence products?

  3. A look a bit sad - well I guess it's wrong.
    Sad are us, that are soo near of your image on computers screens yet soo phisically distant...till another gig, but always sending good thoughts and supporting.

  4. *__* perfection!! the eye color looks sweet and pretty

  5. Anonymous6.12.11

    Dear Simone, since you are a wonderful advocate for the environment, I hope you know about animal testing on cosmetics. Some animals are tortured for years in labs without us knowing and die in very painful fashions, all for the sake of vanity. The Italian animalist NGO LAV that I volunteer in has prepared a campaign to ask the EU to ban animal testing on cosmetics. I can provide you with a list of companies that don't test and perhaps you could help us put pressure on the others. L'Oréal is the one that is fighting against our proposal the most. Anyways, thought you'd want to know. Greetings from Italy and good luck with the album, can't wait! xx

  6. Cranberry ist definitiv auch einer meiner Lieblinge was MAC Lidschatten angeht. Am liebsten schminke ich Smokey AMUs damit. :)

    Mich würde sehr interessieren, was für eine Lidschattenbase du benutzt, wenn du dich für Konzerte schminkst. Bei dir scheint der Lidschatten stets perfekt zu sitzen. Vielleicht hast du da einen Tip und könntest mal bei Gelegenheit darüber schreiben. Würde mich sehr freuen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart

  7. Anonymous7.12.11

    lovely simone can you tell me if the foundation that you wear is the brightest of MAC???my colour skin it's like yours but I dont't want to spend a lot of money in an another foundation that it's not my colour skin. do you use only mac foundation?yeah I know I made a lot of questions but i live in Italy and the foundation for my skin is scarce,I can't find it, my last hope is only mac...^^

  8. Beautiful look, but is not a bold color, in my opinion... perhaps because I tend to be really handed when it comes to make-up.
    Lovely blog, SiSi!
    Warm hugs from Brazil

  9. You look very sweet Simone!! By the way, I've just started following your blog and I love it! I am from Mexico, and I could say that I'm one of your bigest fans here :) Epica should come to Monterrey, Mexico, on your next tour please, if you do it, I'll be there watching you by first time in concert! Please!
    Hugs from Mexico, We love you ♥ :)

  10. I LOVE that eyeshadow, must find it!
    Great look :)

  11. Beautiful color! Is that the same eyeshadow that you used for the studio video recording "We will take you with us"?
    I love that brownish-red make up, it's very soft, and bright, and deep all in the same time!

  12. Anonymous8.12.11

    You're always sweet and beautiful! you can recommend a simple makeup for brown eyes? kiss.. Lisa

  13. Here we are to show your messages http://ourloveforsmoon.blogspot.com/
    Hope you like it, x

  14. Hallo Smoon!
    Sehr schönes Foto =) Einfach aber schön. Freue mich auf euer neues Album und das Konzert in Luxemburg =)
    Und wenn ich dein Blog hier so lese beneide ich dich fast so viel um die Welt zu kommen und überall mit offenen Armen empfangen zu werden (auch wenn es für euch eher etwas stressig ist). Hast auch manche sehr interessante Fotos gemacht (Ich liebe Kunst in all ihren Formen).

    P.S. wäre ich ein Mädchen würde ich wahrscheinlich deine Make-up tips ausprobieren, ist aber nicht der Fall =D So bewundere und analysiere ich deine Fotos und lies deine Spannenden Gesschichten ;-)

  15. Hello Simone!

    I think it's really natural and easy to make, so I'm thinking to trying for my daily makeup. By the way, you are using the same Mac foundation than me, NW20. If you let me, I recommend you another one from Mac, the same tone but in the type PRO LONGWEAR FOUNDATION, its duration is really much better.

    Greetings from Spain!!

  16. Simone,

    This neutral look is very pretty. I also really like the pink/brown one you did with Reni. I found something similar to yours and Reni's on YouTube but it's a bit more vibrant-I like both. Here is the link (if you wish to check it out): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWP_3yS_yrc. Hoping Oliver and yourself are well.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Rocking New Year.
    Much love from the UK. Hope to see yourself and the Epica guys in 2012 xxx

  17. Wow i love it, it's a bit ethereal and not over done like a lot of Holiday looks.

  18. I love you Simone.....Beautiful <3 greeting <3 :))))))) Epica!<3

  19. wow, i love making up and i have blue eyes also. I think i'm going to copy a lot of your ideas

  20. Simone I love you, big big big greeting from Serbia <3 :**************