- Berlin Fashion Week- Day 1 'Manhattan'

by 20.7.12

Hi Sweets,

On the 3rd of July I flew to Berlin to attend the Manhattan event which took place on the 4th of July. At 11.00 we gathered at the 'Kauf Dich Gluecklich' Cafe to meet up with all the bloggers and the Manhattan team.

The whole cafe was decorated with Manhattan make up and we could eat crepes, waffles, ice cream and a lot more good food as much as we wanted.

When we entered the cafe we all had to pull one card out of three different bowls for our 'Speed Dating'. There were three different tables with all their own theme (nail polishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks/ foundation). On the card it said where we had to sit down. I pulled two times nail polish cards and one eye shadow card.

We had to switch tables three times. It felt a bit like the 'Stoelendans'-' Reise nach Jerusalem'. I found the idea brilliant and really enjoyed getting to know more bloggers.  Some of them I knew already personally or from their websites/youtube profile that I visit and some were completely new to me.

The ambience was sugar sweet, all the crepes, waffles and ice cream were making me feel a bit high. All of that combined with great people and lovely make up was like heaven for me. 

After our sugar rush we were informed about the way Manhattan works and gained more insight in the creating process of make up. Bonnie Strange also came to hang out with us. She will be representing Manhattan. 

Manhattan asked us to create face and nail charts for them which they would upload on their facebook page. Since I was one of the lasts ones to have a go at it, most of the make up was gone. I still managed to create something which was kind of presentable. 

Around 17.00 we headed to the Excelsior hotel to relax a bit and get ready for dinner and the Grill Royal and the party at the Flamingo bar. 

Dinner was so delicious and all those girls together talking was a bit hard on the ears. I am normally surrounded by guys which talk in much lower frequencies. Imagine 20 girls put together.

The party at Flamingo was so unbearably hot that I didn't stay longer than 1,5 hours. We've seen many german celebrities and drank some cocktails. Since I didn't sleep the night before I was longing for my bed at the hotel. It was a beautiful sunny day filled packed with great activities.

I would like to thank the Manhattan Team for a great day filled with lovely moments and inviting me to be part of it all. I've met some amazing people and enjoyed being part of the higher frequencies.

Some links to the lovely ladies that were present;

So hard to choose.
Inside Manhattan.

Goodness Overload.

Trying out nail polishes.

My face Chart.

From left to right; Jojo, Koko and Magi.
On our way to dinner.
Julia has a 'what's in my bag' video where I'm also featured. Go check it out.
I come from outer space.
Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!

Of course I have some goodies for you guys that I am planning on giving away on a very special occasion which will be online very soon.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!


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  1. Anonymous20.7.12

    How exciting - you looked beautiful in your mint green dress!


  2. I have the same dress in white and another in black! Hope these meeting took place in my city...

  3. Das klingt nach schönen Tagen in berlin! Hoffe du konntest noch einiges von der Stadt sehen ;) Welche Plätze magst du denn am liebsten? Wobei, das ist wirklich schwierig :) Mein absoluter Favorit ist der japanische Garten mit blühenden Magnolien im Botanischen Garten ;) Liebe Grüße!

  4. Simone,why is that the products on smoons style is available only in germanY? (sob) i really want something from you,just a remembrance.by the way im an avid fan ever since you started your singing career on other bands before epica.GOODLUCK BEAUTIFUL CREATURE! :)

    from Phillipines with love,
    Chelsea Lestrange ♥

  5. I'm really amazed with your glow in the dark dress *-*
    You look awesome!!!!!

  6. Es war mir eine Freude dich kennen zu lernen - es war ein richtig schönes Event mit euch Mädels :))

  7. It sounds really fun! glad you enjoyed :)

  8. I can't get over how great this event and opportunity are! How nice of Manhattan to put it together and invite you and the other bloggers along. Looks like a lot of fun.